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The atmosphere that I've created will be calming and professional where clients can release tension, relieve pain and rejuvenate their bodies. If you are surviving this hectic pace of modern life, I strive to serve as a reminder to enjoy relaxation regularly.


I believe that a massage can balance one’s mind, body, and soul. Massage revitalizes your most precious resources for physical, mental and emotional health. I desire to provide our clients with a relaxing, compassionate and stress-reducing massage at an affordable price.


I blend my massage oils and create body butters with coconut oil and grape seed oils!



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Hours of Operation

  • monday 8:30am - 5:30pm
  • tuesday 8:30am - 5:30pm
  • wednesday 9:00am - 5:30pm
  • thursday 8:30am - 5:30pm
  • friday 8:30am - 5:30am
  • saturday 1:00pm - 4:00pm


  • Corporate Chair Massage
  • Cupping Massage
  • Handmade Body Products
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
  • Massage Therapy
  • Ultrasound Cavitation

Payment Types

  • American Express
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Discover
  • Mastercard
  • Visa


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  • Jerry RoebuckApril 8 2015 Massage OUTSTANDING; NEVER FELT BETTER!SarahApril 10 2015 UHMAZING!!!! This is by far one of the best massages I have received. I will be coming back to Teresa religiously. Very friendly and sweet. Loved her!Otis BrownApril 3 2014 The Best I want everybody to know Teresa's body relaxing massage is one of the best I've ever received. I give her a 5 star rating. I recommend her highly and to everyone.Jerry RoebuckJune 6 2014 Massage Session June 5, 2014 Outstanding! You always make me feel real good after each session. I enjoy our conversations. You are hilarious! Love Ya.JDApril 4 2014 Outstanding! After every distance running event, my wife and I schedule a "recovery" massage with Teresa. Feet, legs and lower back recover in half the time. Teresa is a miracle worker!Nancy BogleApril 30 2014 Wonderful massage! This was the best massage I have had in many years of getting massages. It was relaxing, professional and just wonderful!C PeacockJune 29 2014 Reflexology massage My feet fell great!! I can't wait for my next sessionOtis BrownApril 25 2014 Simply Teresa Massage This is by far the best massage I've had in twenty years. Its always a great pleasure to get a massage from Teresa. Wonderful job.!!!!!!!DanteApril 15 2015 great ExceptionalCourtneyJuly 20 2014 The Best!! Teresa is so good at what she does. She takes her time and really knows the body. I love that she uses natural products and essential oils. It's the best experience and a heated bed. She can really work out your stress and tension in the body. She tasks the time to talk to you if you ask questions. She is a must go.CourtneyJuly 20 2014 Whipped Body Butter OMG! So good. I'm always looking for natural products and sometimes I just don't have the time or know how to do it myself. This body butter isn't oily. It feels just like lotion and comes in many scents.CourtneyJuly 20 2014 Sugar Scrub Now everyone needs to exfoliate at least once a week. This is what you should use. It's so moisturizing and really scrubs off the the dead skin with sugar. And best part is it's all natural. It tastes so good. Lol. Yumm. Just try it! You'll love it.April 5 2014 Amazing! I love Teresa she truly has a gift! She is a miracle worker and I just can not say enough about her. She has great specials often making her services very affordable. She really goes out of her way to truly relax you and is professional in every way. I started off as a groupon customer and I will continue to go to her until she retires! Oh what a sad day that will be! She's perfect! Amazing! Keep it up Teresa! LOVE HER!!MariaApril 11 2014 Relaxing massage This was my first time, and I loved it. Will be going again, to try other services. Thanks TeresaE.T.M.May 31 2014 Look no further! Upon relocating to SA 4 yrs ago, I tried a few massage therapists before and after my first session with Teresa. Massage therapy has been part of my wellness routine for 8 yrs now, and Teresa is by far the best therapist I have consulted! She is very thorough, discrete, and uses an array of techniques that target the specific needs I come with to each session. She has also taught me some techniques to follow at home to help reduce the strain and stress between our sessions. Teresa is your therapist, look no further!CourtneySeptember 17 2014 The Body Wash (Shampoo) I live use natural products on my body. I was looking for a shampoo and after my massage I asked Teresa got one. She told me yea just buy the body wash. I was like what? Really? Well I guess if it doesn't work I can use it as body wash. LET ME TELL YOU! IT WORKED GREAT! Smells so good (berry vanilla). My hair was so soft and didn't have a lit of tangles. It created a little lather but not much which is good. Wrong be harsh on the hair or dry it out and it got my hair clean. I'm sticking with this! Team grow my natural hair is in full effect!Cheryl HicksMay 8 2014 Feel 100% better than when I arrived at appt. Teresa was extremely professional and knowledgable with regard to her profession. I cannot wait to go back to see her again. I had purchased several massages for others but had not treated myself. So thankful I did today!Cheryl HicksMay 8 2014 Feel 100% better than when I arrived at appt. Teresa was extremely professional and knowledgable with regard to her profession. I cannot wait to go back to see her again. I had purchased several massages for others but had not treated myself. So thankful I did today!John HansMay 9 2014 Escape Teresa is a master of relaxation. The Escape massage is an excellent way to unwind the tension of the work day. I leave relaxed and calm.Ginger UApril 30 2014 Great lady great massage Teresa is a very upbeat woman with a kind heart. I have some health issues and she did not hesitate to try and find a solution while I was there. Great massage and great company as well.D. WhiteJune 18 2014 The Escape Teresa exceeded my expectations. She was very thorough and extremely professional. Not only did she work my kinks out, she also explained her actions to me as she was doing them.JerryJuly 5 2014 Service I don't know what you do for other clients but all I know is that you do great things for me.Victor F.March 25 2014 

    I’ve been going to Teresa for over three years and she always ask me what’s bothering me and listens. I’m an avid recreational golfer with all kinds of aches and pains but after my massage I’m ready for another round of golf. The true magic when I was suffering from Sciatic along with my Physical Therapist and Pain Management treatment she was there for me thru some intense painful moments for at least some relief from the pain. I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends. My sisters can’t wait to come back to San Antonio the first thing they want is a massage from Teresa.

    BongtieJanuary 13 2015 My Thrive Experience by LeVel Review of Teresa Lee 210-781-5806 Thrive - As doubtful as I am in using supplements, I took the two capsules, the shake and the DFT in the morning and it worked well for me throughout the day with no side effects. This was after my morning workout, on an empty stomach. I had good energy and performed my busy tasks at work and at home not feeling drained or tired at all. In the evening, I went to bed around 9pm and slept well. My recommendation is, take it when you need energy to stay alert and do your normal or demanding tasks. For those working night shift, it may work well if you take Thrive the evening before work. It is a good addition to nutrients you get from eating healthy. My experience may not replicate for other people, but it's worth trying. I'll use it regularly.MoCharlesApril 18 2015 Just right! .... Perfect hands and skill! This was my first visit with Theresa and she was awesome. I've been getting massages for many years in which she provided one of my best massages!! Worked out all the knots and kinks by touch! The products she used were great,organically made & blended by her witch made my experience with her delightful and unique. Looking forward to my next appt!KaliahMarch 29 2015 Phenomenal job Relaxed, cared for, and you walk out feeling like a million dollarsJerry RoebuckMarch 5 2015 Review for March 5, 2015 Teresa does an outstanding massage! I am always totally relaxed & feeling good after each session.Evie WDecember 5 2014 So relaxing! I had a Just Relax massage, followed by a Reflexology treatment. It was heaven! I highly recommend Teresa. She does a wonderful job and is friendly and professional.Evie WApril 14 2014 A great experience! I have been going to Teresa for over a year. She gives a great massage and I would not hesitate to recommend her services.neelu kaurJune 10 2014 wonderful experience every time I have wonderful experience every time. U save me going to phy therapist. U r the only one I recommend to all my friends.LizSeptember 18 2014 Great relaxing massage Teresa really knows what she is doing and i would go to her again. However, her new location will not work for me.Penn JacksonMay 15 2014 The very best I've seen at least a dozen massage therapist and Teresa is by far and away the best of the best!!JerryMay 18 2014 Massage, May 16, 2014 As always Teresa, you do an outstanding job. My muscles and body feel pretty good after eash session.August 5 2014 I love that eucalyptus mint body wash! An awesome massage as always and I picked up a bottle of the body wash Teresa makes on the way out. It has a nice feel and leaves you really fresh and clean.John HansJune 25 2014 Escape I always leave Teresa's shop satisfied and looking forward to my next massage. Teresa is a master.July 26 2014 Magic hands Teresa is a wonderful therapist. Excellent relaxation technique.Kay LynnJuly 26 2014 Very Relaxing Great hands, felt awesome and smelled good too!Dennis ElmoreJuly 26 2014 massage the experience would be improved with less light, and a softer warmer light. let me know when this in place and I'll be back. Massage was very good.VirginiaJune 11 2014 Massage My foot massage was wonderful, I was floating out my feet felt so light. I can't wait to make my next appointment.KaliahJanuary 16 2015 SUPERB JOB!!! I will surely be back for another massage and the salt stones were just great. Thank you for excellent service!Stephanie ColeyJuly 17 2014 Fantastic Massage Thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing massage from Teresa at Simply Teresa Massage Therapy. Had to really pay attention to my driving on the way home after my massage. Thank you!!Yvette TrevinoJuly 29 2014 Amazing I love going to see Teresa, every session is great! So relaxing and the aroma is amazing!Jerry RoebuckNovember 13 2014 Massage Therapy 11/13/2014 I was highly satisfied with my session with Teresa. She does a great job and I always feel so much better after each session.CourtneyAugust 1 2014 Amazing! Today was amazing. She really worked out all my kinks. My body felt amazing I didn't want the massage to end. She's the only one I'll go to. Can't wait till next time.john robertsAugust 2 2014 awesome ! As a Diabetic I have leg pain continuosly. I did the 75 Mins. When I walked out, no pain!! Awesome? No, not a cure but some relief for the night. Slept like a baby!VirginiaAugust 19 2014 Job Well Done After my massage, I feel like a new women, I can move my arm and sholuder with ease. Thank you TeresaRonnis L WilsonAugust 1 2014 Simply Outstanding I really do appreciate your attention to detail. I needed stress relief and that's exactly what I received. Just as long as I continue this treatment I can avoid any further surgery.August 24 2014 Had never had a massage before I've never had a full body massage before so I didn't quite know what to expect. She was very nice and I felt relaxed and never uncomfortable.imaniJanuary 8 2015 a very great experience My body feels amazing. I wish I could everyday. I love how she listens and takes her time with your body and your personal needs.its a very calm And relaxing EnvironmentRockyJune 19 2014 Massage It was an awesome massage. I was completely relaxed. Thank you Teresa!John H.March 25 2014 Teresa is a magician. Her skills as a massage therapist are amazing and I swear she has a an empath's ability to sense the soreness without being told. I highly recommend regular visits to Simply Teresa massage Therapy.Jay M.March 25 2014 

    Very efficient and effective at her job. Always great.

    Jim P.March 25 2014 Teresa is simply the best! We visit her regularly and consider massages an important part of our health and wellness care. Whether you are hurting or simply stressed out, she figures out what you need and you leave feeling wonderful and with a smile on your face.For those of you who have never had a really, really good massage and think you wouldn't like it, or maybe it would hurt... you have no idea what you are missing! Teresa will show you how pleasant a healthful massage can be.Dev W.March 25 2014 

    She is the best at what she does! She spoke to me mentally, spiritually, physically, and was so uplifting! So professional and polite! I will never go to a chain again! She also does body wraps, cavitation, makes her own soaps and oils, and specializes in many other services! Make your appt. today!

    Penn J.March 24 2014 

    Have been seeing Teresa for several months now. I have had many different therapists over the years and she rates right up there with the best I have experienced.


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