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The Diet Doc was founded 20 years ago on a platform of sound metabolic physiology and quality client support. The company still lives by that principle with exclusive Diet Doc clinicians on four continents and through unique online programming.

Because The Diet Doc programming and curriculum is void of fads, gimmicks, and cookie-cutter dieting, special attention must be spent on individual client needs. This defines The Diet Doc culture from internal staff to licensed clinicians around the globe. Nothing is more important to us than your success.

The Diet Doc's clients are friends, within a community of health and a determination to live our best lives. Eat carbs, eat in restaurants, learn the needs of your body now and long-term, and develop the emotional and behavioral skills to maintain your weight for good.

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  • Grand Opening Special: RSVP for entry to win a nutrition-weight loss and fitness package valued at $2100!

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  •  I swear, every time I start one of your NLP progression schemes I see immediate results in terms of size and strength gains. You're a damn genius (pardon my French). Nay! You are a gentleman and a scholar! 

    - Zach


     Thanks a million for making a MAN and ATHLETE out of me! You will never know the depth and breadth of how I feel and experience that. 

    - Steve

     I was gonna wait until tomorrow but I could wait that long...Yesterday I ran the Half Marathon and achieved another personal record while being under the "care" of the Diet Doc staff. Since last year's event and the training you have put me through... I have seen drastic improvements!I shaved off nearly 18 minutes from my time last year!!!! I went from a 2:00:30 time with a 9:12 pace to an amazing 1:42:39 with a 7:51 pace. I think I can do even better if I continue training!I contribute my enormous success to your program, guidance, motivation and so much more. My core strength increase is what did it, and you guys helped me get it!I can do so much more... and I look forward to seeing what that will be as time will tell me!  

    - Matt


    Besides being AWESOME, Kori is supportive, intuitive, forgiving, positive, honest, open, and motivating. My husband and I both think the world of Kori and Dr. Joe. I have recommended Kori and The Diet Doc to many people. When they see me they wonder how I'm keeping it off.

    I was so mad at myself for being in this position in the first place. I was mad and crabby, but also determined to change. Kori was patient with me, encouraged my successes, helped me through minor setbacks, helped me understand what was going on with my body, made great suggestions, and worked with ME and what was going on in my life.

    Kori helped me understand that I CAN do what I set my mind to. Also, I was not an exerciser—had never done it regularly, but did know the benefits. I just didn't make time. Kori helped me see how regular exercise and strength training can change my body image. I have NEVER in my whole life worn a size 6—EVER. I'm 5'8"! Some of my relatives think I'm too thin now (139) but I don't think so. I feel great. My husband and I both do online training with Kori, and I walk and run and ride bikes. My husband does as well. We have learned so much from Kori and Dr. Joe. I'm just in a totally different place than ever in my life. I have learned how healthy eating and physical activity can change your life in all good ways. Kori helped me understand how exercise is both good for me and helps me look the way I want to look—I've got guns now! WHAT? Are you kidding me? I have a small waist...I have pretty shoulders...WHAT? Me? Amazing. I was so intimidated by the gym and gym equipment—Kori helped get over that and I'm still a klutz but I'm an in-shape klutz. I'm a big Kori fan. She has changed my life—such a wonderful resource. She is funny and real; I just love her. Guess I'm kind of biased at this point because I consider her to be a friend too. I’m definitely a groupie—ha—she can't get rid of us! 

    - Kathy

    Kori, I’m in Cleveland helping my son with his new house—literally working my butt off landscaping his yard.  First 2 days tilling, shoveling, moving soil, digging swales, etc. Yesterday planting plants and we got 6 cubic yards of mulch delivered and I shoveled and moved and raked half of it with equates to shoveling 1.5 tons of mulch. Thank you for whipping me into shape. I would not have been able to do it without you! My legs, thighs, and back ached for all the hard work yesterday, and I’m getting ready to start at it again. I’ve impressed and worked my 35-year-old son until he’s ready to drop. He would not have done as much in a day unless I was there going at it so hard and long. Thank you! 

    - Darlene


    I had a great tennis match today and won by two games.  After the match the woman asked if I was a runner because I moved so well.  What a wonderful compliment and really a testament to the changes in my fitness level.

    Thank you! 

    - Cathy

    I didn't like exercise. I found it to be an imposition in my life,  BUT I understand what exercise is doing for me and I don't want that to stop. I don't have as many headaches, I can definitely tell that it is helping my stress level, and I LOVE the way my body feels after I exercise. I love the way my body continues to change. I am sooooo worth the investment in time, effort, and money. The exercise is an activity that my husband and I can do together. It has brought my neighbor across the street and I way closer (she is my 4:30 AM walking buddy and the friend that was inspired by my weight loss to lose 60 pounds along with me). We were friendly but we are now FRIENDS! Our husbands are friendlier too, and we do stuff socially now! Exercise was key to my 60-pound loss, right along with the healthy eating and support you gave me, Kori. I won’t give it up. 

    - Kathy


     The workouts are coming along great! I get amazing pumps and your leg workouts are f**ing killers dude. Damn, I almost threw up twice last weekend doing legs. I love that shit. My progress looks steady so and my delts are definitely doing much better. 

    - Tony

    Hey Doc!

    Well I just wanted to send you an update from my new life in the Academy. Let me tell you, it is COMPLETELY different then the life I was living. It is military style yelling, people mess up everyone pays: craziness!

    I am so thankful we got together and got my ass in shape because I am the fittest guy in there. There are some other guys who are pretty in shape, but there are about half who showed up 30-40 lbs overweight and they are struggling bad. They are breathing heavy and drenched in sweat after our warm-ups I am CRUSHING our workouts which are all CrossFit...I love them. They aren't anything crazy but it's like 15 minutes of absolute madness and you are totally spent afterwards. Then, throughout the day we have to hold pushup positions, hold squats, hold crunches with legs up, do squats, lunges, whatever punishment they decide.

    On our modified Cooper's test I killed it too. I did 44 sit ups in a minute, 66 pushups in a minute, 14 pull ups, and did my 1.5 mi in time for me yet.

    I am SO glad I showed up in shape.

    The other amazing benefit of practically working out all day: my metabolism is in crazy overdrive...I come home and am eating anything in sight and not gaining any weight.

    Thanks again for helping me get ready for this. 

    - Dave


    I must admit the workouts so far have been a GREAT butt kicking!!! As I finished my abs and sprints this morning a guy said, "I didn't think it was possible for you to work any harder than you already do in here but I guess I was wrong. I see you are taking things to another level!" Thank you for the push Kori!!

    - Cori

    Kori, as I’ve reflected about the beginning of my process to try a new sport and heal from my injuries, I have discovered that our minds are more powerful than our bodies. You challenge me enough to stimulate my eagerness to learn and test myself. I love having you as my coach and mentor! I can be my worst enemy at times and I’ve learned with you, how to be my best friend. I am very critical of my work (school, professional, training, and so forth). I am working on living in a more relaxed manner. I have missed the gift of presence. I do believe that people are meant to be in places at a certain time. You are meant to support and help others. Thank you! 

    - Susana


    Hello Joe, there's a lot I want to say besides "thank you," but at the moment I'm finding myself reflecting on the past year & everything that happened. If I can put together something of quality expressing my gratitude, I will. In the meantime, please know that I am incredibly grateful for all of your assistance getting me through this year. Your guidance, support, motivation and friendship means a great deal to me. So, for lack of anything better to say at the moment, thank you.

    - Evan

    For real, Joe. You are my hero. No bullshit. You don't stop. Ever. Train me to be more like you and we will dominate the world. 

    - Anthony


    Dang it—you're super smart!! Seriously, I've met A LOT of people in this industry and you ARE the real deal. I appreciate your authenticity.

    - Danielle

    Just wanted to thank you for all you do. I know I can be stubborn and talk too much but you are really helping me.

    This week after my ballet class I went running and had a moment in my run when I smiled and realized you were on my shoulder cheering me on. Thank you for caring. 

    - Marilyn


    Hey Kori, just wanted you to know that I hit my goal weight a couple weeks ago. Not to sound overly sentimental, but thanks for changing my life. I am fitter than I have ever been and I feel great. Also, I got a new job. I have worked there before and the people were amazed at my transformation. So, you might have some new long distance clients. Take care and thank you for your knowledge and direction.

    - Adam


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