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Learn How to Find Your Bliss 20% off Energy Assessments

BREATHE® Assessments are a fun & non-invasive way to learn which of your 46 Reflex Zones are weak, balanced, or congested. Discover how to revitalize your Life Essentials and improve your overall health.& happiness.

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Breathe Thermae, Inc. is a preventive health & wellness destination in Palm Springs, CA. We offer a complete, scientifically validated approach towards preventative health care. Not only do we offer a safe and non-invasive analysis to monitor the energetic performance of the body, we are also a one-stop destination and community resource for those seeking a more natural way to improve their health.

BREATHE® is our innovative process that records the weakest links observed within the body’s reflex zones and immediately provides clients with several options to improve any observed energetic imbalances. We address energetic issues before they take root into physical form. We coach and empower our clients to recognize and monitor non-physical and energetic imbalances that directly impact their health. Our commitment is to educate our clients on preventive health treatments designed to improve their body’s performance. Breathe Thermae offers multiple natural product lines identified to harmonize the energetic flow of your life creating more balance and reducing daily stress.

We offer innovative technologies, services and products that have been evaluated by rigorous quality control standards and scientific validation. All products and services have a money-back guarantee to ensure we maintain exceptional customer service.

Let Breathe Thermae clear the pathway towards your bliss. Call us today to schedule your assessment.

The primary mission of Breathe Thermae is to bring preventive and restorative lifelong health solutions to the whole consumer. We believe that by measuring and monitoring the consumption, flow, distribution, and disposal of energy through the human body, the information obtained can be used to develop preventive, bio-energetic tools designed to improve one’s overall health & happiness. Breathe℠ is our registered lifestyle process & bio-energetic database established to scientifically research the field of Energy Medicine and begin to understand the complexities of how subtle energy impacts daily life.

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Hours of Operation

  • monday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • tuesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • wednesday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • thursday 9:00am - 6:00pm
  • friday 9:00am - 6:00pm


  • Colour Therapy
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Energy Assessment
  • Energy Center Rebalancing
  • Kinesthetic Therapy
  • Myofascial Release

Payment Types

  • American Express
  • Check
  • Cash
  • Mastercard
  • Visa


  • "I met Frank through a networking event and was very intrigued about this kind of body/emotional work. I’ve been through a number of traumatic events in my life and have been unsuccessful clearing that from my emotional state. I highly recommend Breathe. The setting was peaceful and Frank was very professional. The knowledge that he was able to share, gave me the insight on how to be a better me. It take’s work to grow. Thank you Frank." - Anne B. 6-27-19

  • "On my first intro with Breathe was very informative and exciting. I had to check out what this was all about. Appointment set. Frank explained things about vibration and energies, which is so my jam! On the day of my appointment I was having a very bad dad. My neck hurt, my emotions were raw, a very low vibration day for me by far. He gave me my assessment and explained things to me. I talked, we shared. We connected easily. He did an energy treatment on me that I could feel. He did not touch me and I could feel his hand. I felt the energy move up and around my back and neck. I would totally recommend going to him if your feeling not yourself. He was able to realign my vibes. I felt like I was on my way to recovery as soon as I got up. I am going back, once a month.....or more. I am now working on myself and I excited to say that Breathe Thermae will be along for my journey. I am grateful that I am becoming more of who I’m supposed to be. I really felt it, no joke. I’ve never felt a healing touch like this before. Go. Make your appointment. Be open, allow yourself this treatment." - Rebecca R. 6-26-19

  • I highly recommend Breathe

    “I met Frank through a networking event and was very intrigued by this kind of body/emotional work. I’ve been through a number of traumatic events in my life and have been unsuccessful in clearing that from my emotional state. I highly recommend Breathe Thermae.. The setting was peaceful and Frank was very professional. The knowledge that he was able to share, gave me the insight on how to be a better me. It takes work to grow. Thank you, Frank!”

    – Anne B

  • Intuitive healing resolved my chronic issues I thought were with me a lifetime

    “Frank Lewandowski is an amazing and gifted man. Approximately 3 years ago, I quickly learned how fragile and delicate a line we walk in life after suffering two strokes over the course of one month. They left me unable to work and, in a wheelchair for 6 months undergoing continual rehabilitation. Insurance only covered physical therapy for a set number of visits however my rehabilitation required further therapy which I was unable to afford. I adapted to the lack of feeling in my feet and inability to balance my walking. My outlook on life was grim and I became withdrawn and skeptical that anything positive would come my way. I told myself that once I was financially sounder, I would look into every possible treatment available to ensure I live a healthy life.

    I was recently diagnosed with shingles and told it would take up to 8 weeks to be pain-free. I was open to trying anything because the pain on my neck and face was so intense, I couldn’t sleep. Frank Lewandowski suggested he perform Energy Healing to help reduce the inflammation and pain. He performed treatment lasting an hour on by placing his hands near my lesions. I could literally feel the pain leaving my body. I remained pain-free for approximately 12 hours and continued to have 5 additional treatments over the next few days. After the sixth treatment, I no longer had pain in my neck or face.

    He literally reduced my recovery time to a week. I heard about Reiki and energy healing but never quite believed it until I experienced it for myself. He balanced my chakras and conducted energy work on my feet to help repair what was left undone. I can’t even remember the time my feet tingled and felt itchy. His work has made a huge difference in my stability and feeling in my feet and legs. What’s even better is that my overall feelings and emotions regarding life after my strokes and car accident have changed. For the first time in 3 years, I feel as though I have taken my first breath of air for life again and my negative thoughts have been replaced with a zest for life. Thank you!”

    – Phillip D Thompson, Quality Assurance Auditor Aerospace Industry

  • To Those Seeking Alternative Treatment When All Else Failed
    A Testimonial to Frank Lewandowski’s Unique Gifts

    “Frank L. has something beyond training, beyond a knowledge of anatomy, and beyond a touch that heals. He uses all his senses to truly be with a client, and consequently, the body work and repair I have experienced over numerous regular sessions with him has been supported, encouraged, and nurtured by Frank. He has strength and power to coax muscles out of habitual contraction, but he also has great stillness and patience — all at once. After my back injury and undergoing other forms of therapy, the work Frank and I did collectively remind me I am more than a guy with a recovering injury. He helped restore me to my former self.”

    – Edwin Bittner, MD

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