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Coaching is relationship based. Most of all, personal finance is PERSONAL. It is a process of establishing financial goals and learning skills to achieve the goals YOU set and develop good habits that last. Through private and confidential sessions, I provide encouragement and accountability over time to help my clients become more intentional with their money and feel more confident in their financial future. We create a custom budget for your situation and help you learn how to make your budget change with your life and goals to eliminate debt or build wealth. When my clients follow the plan we develop, they make much quicker progress towards their goals because they have the benefit of my experience and the accountability to stick to it while they’re learning something new. Most of the people I have worked with not only start paying all their bills on time, but they pay off thousands of dollars of debt in a short time, or begin having a savings and a plan for every dollar they make.

Located in Northern Colorado and serving individuals and couples around the United States virtually. Occasional Saturday appointments available.

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Hours of Operation

  • monday 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • tuesday 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • wednesday 8:00am - 6:00pm
  • thursday 9:00am - 7:00pm
  • friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
  • saturday 9:00am - 12:00am


  • Budgeting
  • Credit Repair
  • Debt Reduction
  • Divorce Challenges
  • Life Coaching
  • Money Mediation
  • Retirement Planning
  • Spending Plan

Payment Types

  • Cash
  • Mastercard
  • Visa


  • “Penny is an amazing financial coach! I never knew I needed one until a wealth manager would not help us until we knew what our cash flow amounted to, and how much our living expenses were! I could not produce an answer. He recommended Penny, and we are busy getting our financial house in order. Her gifts are education and working with financial behavior; which statistically amounts to 80% of all finance problems. She has been professional and gentle while helping us get out of debt and clarify our financial goals. I never would have sat down to create a spreadsheet for my budget (because I couldn't!) and Penny created one for us....all we have to do is fill it in...this was a huge relief! Penny genuinely desires to help us accomplish our goals! She celebrates with us and keeps us accountable. She is worth every PENNY!”
    Arlene & Scott S.

  • After graduate school and two career changes we found ourselves in debt and always struggling to make ends meet. I would create spread sheets and try to come up with a budget, but I still felt my system was chaotic. We needed a change. Penny had just started her new business and reached out to us. Her non-judgmental, to-the-point style makes tough conversations easier. She is knowledgeable of how Dave Ramsey's system works and is a living example of the success you can have when using it. We have only been using the envelope system for a few months but with Penny's guidance and encouragement we have already found money in our budget we didn't know we had. We have an emergency fund saved up and are working on our debt. The best part is we are only spending money that we have. Our communication around our finances has improved and we are enjoying the time spent together budgeting. We both see a very different financial future than we did before and are excited about the wealth and more important the Pennywise habits we can pass on to our children!
    Amanda and Dave M.

  • Penny has been wonderful for us to meet and work with. Being retired now we found we were bleeding money! Now we are able to save and plan for the future! Thank you Penny! We have become true “Wise Guys.”
    Gene & Mar 2018

  • Penny helped us learn how to use a written budget, and the importance of attending to it on a regular basis. This is helping us make the best use of our money instead of just winging it each month. We are now being more purposeful with our money and are able to measure where it is going. It is an adjustment getting used to doing things this way, but it is well worth it.

    Sarah G
    Fort Collins, CO

  • Penny is a terrific Financial Coach. Penny makes the topic simple to understand. Penny keeps her students accountable. Penny is able to adjust her coaching program to accommodate her student's process of learning and fits the program to her student's personal characteristics.

  • The first question I had for Penny was 'is it even possible to get out of debt?' With her guidance and tutelage, the answer is 'yes'. Working with Penny was one of the best things we have done for our family!!! The stress and anxiety around money and budgeting has dissipated. Now the bills are paid on time and we are credit card debt free in under three months, and building our savings. We have the options to be flexible and smarter about our money now. Thank you, Penny, for opening our eyes, calming our fears, getting us to sit together and calmly talk about finances, and helping us create options for our family.
    ~Barry and Neshamah

  • We have been working with Pennywise for three months, and we have been very pleased with the results. For us, a lot of the success comes from straightforward tactics and accountability. We are doing well simply because Penny helped us see that getting started and wanting to make the change is all it takes. You can make pretty quick progress if you have a plan and stick to it. We have reduced our personal credit card debt by 75% in a few short months and we have a savings plan. With the exception of our house and one car, we will be paid off by summer. If you are thinking of getting a handle on your money, Pennywise is a great place to start.

    Gretchen & Ryan March 2015

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