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Hello and Welcome to Black Stallion Detail & Paint Correction. My name is Franco Volpone, Owner. It wasn't too long ago that I felt the desire to make other folks cars look as beautiful and amazing as mine and my families cars. I have been detailing our vehicles for several years now and have always enjoyed the process from start to finish. It's nice when someone takes immense pride in their work such as I do. I have always been a stickler for details in everything I do and I will continue to do so with your vehicles. I work towards building long lasting relationships with my customers so that they will in turn refer their friends and family members to me. We are however, not a body shop, but a paint correction shop. I take new or older cars that are in great shape body wise, then turn their paint job into better than new. Deep color and virtually flawless finishes.


How Its Done.

In the business of auto detailing there are certain ways to detail a car to perfection. Then once the job is done, the car needs to be maintained correctly to preserve that finish for as long as possible. What you are about to read are the proper stages to detail and care for a car's finish. I'll discuss products used and supplies needed to help minimize damage to finishes while washing and drying a car. Lets pretend for a moment that we are about to embark on what I call the STAGE FOUR detail, this is the car with one of the worst finishes. Let's get started.

First we need to wash the car. To some this seems like a simple task, but this is where all the damage to your car's finish can take place. Any self respecting detailer will tell you to never bring your car to the car wash. You see car washes don't care about your car's finish. Those brushes just beat the crap out of your paint and all the old dirt and grime from the cars before you and not to mention the course brushes themselves. It's like paying them $20 to destroy your car. It leaves swirl marks and scratches in your car's finish that take hours to correct and minutes to ruin.

I use a very soft automotive soap that is blasted on the car like a cannon. It's soft and silky over the finish and then I use very soft micro fiber wash mitts to clean it with. We always start at the top of the car and work our way down, then rinse our mitt out as we progress around the car to get rid of any dangerous grit that could cause harm. Once the car is washed, I rinse the car off thoroughly getting every little crack and crevice. After the car is rinsed off I spray a fine mist of detail spray over the car to blend it with any left over standing water to add another layer of protection before we dry the car to minimize water spots. I then use a very soft rubber squeegee for cars to get rid of as much water as possible, then I dry the car with thick fluffy absorbent microfiber towels that won't scratch the finish. Once all the water is off the car I then use a high pressure blower to get all the cracks and crevices dried out. Then I use detail spray to touch up any spots. We wipe out door jams and wheels last to minimize any scratches to the car's finish as these areas tend to hold on to fine grit.

So as you can see washing the car is a very important stage.

When embarking on a restoration project, such as a STAGE 2-4,

I like to use basic Dawn dish soap to wash the car. You see Dawn dish soap will help strip off any old waxes, sealants, grease and oils from the finish. Never use Dawn dish soap for regular car care. When starting a staged process I need the paint as clean as possible. OK, so now we have a clean car, lets get to work on correcting the finish.

What comes next is what I like to think of as the art of detailing. This will be a long journey from a bland and boring paint finish to a truly amazing high gloss finish that will definitely please anyone.

STAGE ONE-Clay barring the car. An automotive clay bar is designed to remove small micro sized contaminants that stick to your car's finish even after washing. It will remove tree sap, over spray from paint, tiny rust particles and so much more. When using a clay bar we have to use detail spray or something slippery to help protect from doing more damage to the finish. The bar will feel gritty in the beginning as it passes over the finish, then as you go over the finish of the car it starts to feel slippery, that's how you know the surface is clean. We use the clay bar on the entire car, paint, windows, mirrors, head lights etc.. We then wipe the car down again with soft micro fiber towels and detail spray to get rid of any left over grit. Now we are ready for the next stage.

STAGE TWO-Buffing out the finish. This stage is important as it will set the stage for a perfect finish. Before we get started with this stage we need to mask off any parts of the car that could potentially get damaged from the harsh abrasives in all the compounds that will be used. For this we use 3M Automotive Refinish Masking Tape. When buffing the car we are using a machine for this process, The FLEX XC3401 DA polisher. A person's hand is not fast enough to create the friction needed to correct flaws in the paint, so we will be using about 5500 RPM's. We will be using a buffing compound that has tiny micro abrasives in it that breakdown as we buff the car. The car's finish will start to come to life again in this stage as we are literally removing a small layer of the clear coat and most of the fine scratches in the paint. This process can and most likely will leave very fine swirl marks in the finish, as it is like using a fine sandpaper, but that's ok as that's where the next stage comes in. After we buff we need to wipe the car down again to make sure we have a clean surface for the polishing stage.

STAGE THREE-Polishing out the finish. This stage will complete the correction process. Again we will be using a machine for the this process, the FLEX XC3401 DA polisher. This machine provides a smoother finer polish to remove all those swirl marks and to bring a deep shine and clarity to the finish. Once this stage is complete and I'm satisfied with my results, I make sure the car's finish is clean and smooth from any left over lint or dust, as I don't want to scratch any surface area when I final the car's finish. Now that we have a shiny car we need to protect it, that's where the final stage comes in.

STAGE FOUR-Sealing the finish. This stage will complete our paint correction process. You see we just spent hours correcting the finish but it has not been protected yet. Again we will be using a machine for this stage. This time I'm using a Porter Cable 7424 DA polisher, at about 3000 RPM's. I don't need a lot of power for this process as it is the finishing touch. I like to use sealants instead of waxes for this stage, as sealants last longer to protect your car's finish. Most last anywhere from 6-12 months in the harsh Las Vegas climates. You can always add a wax over the sealant, but never a sealant over a wax. Waxes last 30-90 days and can build up over time and need to be stripped off eventually. Sealants are just better for your car's finish in our harsh climate. You can remove the tape after the sealant has been applied, so you can wipe the car to a fine finished product.

Well there you have it, the four stages to correcting a car's finish. This is anywhere from an 8 hour to 12 hour process depending on the size of your vehicle and complexity of the job needed. Some cars can get away with a STAGE THREE detail that requires no buffing, but only polishing. I recommend a minimum STAGE THREE in the beginning as it will get your car's finish back to better than showroom finish. But I let my clients decide what's best for them and their pocketbook. I hope this helps you understand what's involved in paint correction so you can make the right decision for you and your car.


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  • Stage Four Detailing
  • Stage One Detailing
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  • Receive 10% off all Brake Caliper Paint Systems, In stock colors only: Red, Yellow or Blue.
  • Receive a free exterior sealer upgrade on all stage 3 and 4 details.

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  • Franco has done a great job on my 2015 M3. Got the swirl marks out, made it shine and look the way it should have looked. I am the second owner of this car and the previous owner didn't seem to care for it 100%, not terrible but not the way the car should be.
    It is also a great piece of mind that it is paint sealed as well to protect the paint from harsh Vegas sun and any other elements.
    I had asked Franco about ceramic coating and he said he will be venturing into that side of things a bit later on. Can't wait for that to be offered! Nick V.

  • Frank is a fellow Vegas Valley mustang club member, he has been asking to do my Race Red Mustang for the last couple of months telling me he can make it look better then new. We started on Thursday the 27th, painting the brake calibers, not only did Frank paint the calipers, but each wheel that was removed was completely cleaned like new, I had been considering new rims, But after seeing the completed job I decided to keep the rims I have. The Next day Friday the 28th Frank took my Mustang thru the four stages of cleaning, stripping, polishing, and sealing and I must say the car is shining like a mirror. Every mark and swirl line is gone, I think it looks better than it did when I picked it up from the dealership, Frank is very meticulous and gets really enjoyment out of the finished look, my car was looking so good I don't think he wanted me to leave. So if you want dedicated old fashion service and someone who will take care of your car if it was his own give Frank a call, I highly recommend him. Maurice L.

  • Went to Franco for a 4 stage detail, was recommended by a friend. So I decided to give him a try. I was very impressed by the work he done and how professional he was handling things.
    He works out of his garage but it's a professional setup, very well lit with many bright lights to see the paint well as he details the cars too. He also takes great care of your car.
    My car has never been detailed, it had a lot of swirl marks and wasn't smooth at all. Once he was finished, my car it never looked so good. It looked brand new again, he also washed the engine which was nasty under the hood. He cleaned and vacuumed the inside of my car as well which needed to be done.
    I will say he done an amazing job and I will definitely go back to him and I would also recommend him to anyone who needs a detail done.Go check him out, you won't be disappointed. Ashley C.

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