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Gratitude Training is a company committed to inspiring you to create the extraordinary in your life and in your community. Our 3-part curriculum challenges you to illuminate your blind spots. This new awareness enhances your critical thinking skills and has you operate as a solution-oriented leader. Our training teaches you to fully access authentic gratitude and joy.


Gratitude Trainings consist of a 9-day transformational workshop in two parts (Part I & Part II) followed by a 3 month Leadership Program (Part 3 - Masterful Living).

In Part 1 & 2, participants will hear talks, be actively engaged in exercises and be exposed to life altering concepts including the importance of making distinctions. Humans have been aware of many of these ideas since before the dawn of written human history. Sages and seers have understood these concepts and used them through the millennium. You will rediscover ancient truths and the 21st Century technology to integrate ancient and modern thought. Because each of us is different in our life experience, these workshops will be different for each participant. We all share common experiences and aspects of our history that may stand in the way of waking each day with a sense of possibility and in Gratitude for the opportunities we have every day. The subtle difference between what we “get to do” rather than what we “have to do” can change lives, both our own and those we touch. Each participant will experience the training differently, finding new paths and possibilities that have been neglected or "forgotten."

Masterful Living (Part 3) is the practice and practice field to solidify, into your life, the profound lessons you have learned in Parts 1 and 2. In other words, this 90 day training is an opportunity to go after the things you have been dreaming of and making it a reality by creating tangible results. Here you generate these “tangible results” directly from the value you have created in Parts 1 and 2. The major distinction in Part 3 is that it is mostly done in your life, outside a training room, with coaching. Masterful Living is, like Part 1 and 2, set up as a transformational and experiential environment enhanced with the challenges of your every day life. You learn to make a habit of the “ways of being” and characteristics that you can be to effectively create the results you desire.

While aspects of Gratitude Training may assume a spiritual tone, we are not affiliated with any denomination, sect or religious belief. Our aim is to enable participants to discover what in their life is working and what might be standing in the way of greater possibilities. We will introduce tools conceived to support shifting attitudes and priorities and choosing differently. The Gratitude Training does not teach the answer rather evokes the answer from within each participant. The Gratitude Training itself is a beneficial tool that immediately enables a more persistent state of gratitude and joy. People have discovered or rediscovered passion and possibilities in their lives down through the ages from concepts we will explore together. The circumstances we all face today absolutely require rethinking and reinventing ourselves again and again. The Gratitude Training will give you some of the tools to rethink and remake this process so it serves you and positively affects those around you.

What are some of the benefits from participating in the Gratitude Training:

  • Identify your life’s purpose and manifest it through taking action today. Why are you here?
  • Become more effective in your life by mastering the power of choice.
  • See how committed action will create your desired results.
  • Be grateful for everything in your life. No matter what!
  • Experience living without fear and anxiety. Dare to Risk.
  • Create greater intimacy, connection and openness in every relationship.
  • Be the change you want to see in the world and experience social change as your own life transforms.


Some of our other workshops:

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*  Femine Faces of Leadership

*  The Masculine Journey




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  • Introduction to Gratitude 2 hour workshop... FREE!
  • Part 1 Integrity Pass $300, Regular $600 (conditions apply)

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  • Ever heard the cliche "the stuff dreams are made of...."? Well, its Gratitude Training! Gratitude Training and the Masterful Living programs allowed me the ultimate experience of understanding the power of my choices to manifest the vision for my life. I learned how to get out of my head, embrace my fears, open my heart and trust and honor myself. In doing so, I've created incredible new, rewarding relationships and deepened my existing relationships with family and friends! Instead of "I can't" or "I don't know how..", I'm living in a place where anything and everything I dream of is possible. I wake up each day excited! These are only a few of the amazing gifts of Gratitude Training and I'm so thankful for each and every one of them!- Karen Dominick Boynton Beach, FL (Masterful Living Graduate ML1)


    The training has given me the courage to do the things I have been putting off for many years. It has shown me that I can DO IT!! I had lost my dreams for many years while raising a family and working on my career. I have always created goals for career but not for life. Today I am able to look at what my life will be. My career has exploded with so much business coming in that I had to enroll a partner just to keep up. My relationship with my daughter, which was shaky, has transformed into the relationship that I always wanted to have with her. I am very clear today that I have the power, courage, love and trust to embrass the beautiful life that I could not even dream of having before the trainings started. Today I get to have the life I want instead of the life I thought I should have.- Vicki Flannery Jacksonville, FL (Currently in Masterful Living)


    I've spent two decades being morbidly obese, being loving and funny and even powerful on top of I was killing myself slowly with a fork and spoon. I started seriously addressing this issue before attending Gratitude Training, working on the exercise and nutrition elements and talking with a therapist. During the Part 2 I had a terrific shift in being comfortable in my own skin. I accepted my body. I stopped pretending that if I was smart enough or entertaining enough people would never see my exterior and somehow magically only see my inner beauty. In Part 1 I was struck by the thunderbolt of it isn't that I AM FAT - it is that I HAVE FAT, and that doesn't need to dictate who I am. I woke up after that realizing some poor fat girl had left her clothes in my closet and carted nearly every article of clothing I owned to Goodwill. I've worn jeans now for the first time in 18 years, tried on clothes in a store (instead of a decade of catalog shopping), and bought clothes that fit.- Adrienne Percival Lake Worth, FL (Currently in Masterful Living)


    After doing my trainings 8 years ago I can tell you it has been the most life changing experience besides having my children. The tools I learned about myself and how I am in relationship with everything and everyone in my life has been invaluable to me. Every year out of my trainings the extent it has changed my life just gets bigger and bigger. My husband and family have all done the trainings through Masterful Living which was called Leadership in our program and we communicate more effectively and have a closer relationship because of it.- Laurie Emery Boca Raton, FL (Masterful Living Graduate)


    The Gratitude Training is an opportunity to open up your mind and live a life of no regrets. I had my 9 day transformational Gratitude Training course in at the elegant Ritz Carlton Hotel in August of 2010. I was excited to be a part of your 1st Gratitude Training class. Ray Blanchard and Kathy Benson were the perfect teachers to guide us in the training. The training itself involved extremely powerful and emotional draining exercises to let go of deep, long held, hurt feelings, to stop playing the victim, be accountable for your actions and start to break down the ego wall.I learned that persistence, faith, and vision, do not work if you don't have a clear intention. Trust who you are and what you are doing, and others will recognize this.But the best part was experiencing a moment to share the love bottled inside me with great big hugs! At that point, I declared that I AM now a loving, powerful, free man, ready to show up in the world as The Gratitude Guy!- Dave, The Gratitude Guy Chula Vista, CA (Part 2 Graduate)


    I have done my trainings over five years ago at another center. However, I refer my friends and family to this center. The Gratitude Trainings have opened up a space for my immediate and extened family to become authentically connected in a vunerable way that we have never seen before. I also find myself being this way with friends,business associates and even strangers. Over all, all of my relationships have improved; I find that we are all connected,one, united. This type of work has opened the door for me to take a internal look at myself. I have had an oppurtunity to take a look at what works and doesnt work in my life, and to then put the trainings into everyday practice. I have to say that five years later I have started to focus on the spirutual side of myself ( which I was completly closed to prior to doing the trainings). I am happier, feel at peace, and abundant. I cant wait for whats next!- Jessica Travieso Boca Raton, FL (Masterful Living Graduate)


    The opportunity to participate in Gratitude Training helped reinforce the importance of integrity in all levels of my life -- personally and was a great chance to meet and mix with people from all walks of was a dynamic way to reinforce how goals can be achieved in life with a dedicated approach and a positive mental taught me how important it is, that when communicating with others, to speak from the heart and not always from the mind.....and a great deal can be learned in life from truly observing and lisening to others.- Mike May Wellington, FL (Masterful Living Graduate ML5)As a result of attending the Gratitude Trainings I have been able to see possibilities from all directions. I live today without fear knowing that I can be anyone I want to be, do whatever I set out to do and have anything I set my heart on. I have become a person I never thought I could be or rather had even imagined. Anything is possible. Life is beautiful and I am blessed beyond blessed! My relationships with others have improved and I'm gaining new heights everyday!- Kendra Williams Delray Beach, FL (Masterful Living Graduate ML3)


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