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Imagine a life where you don't overeat and YOU are in control of your cravings. If you struggle with emotional eating, diets and willpower won't help, but making peace with food changes everything. Understanding your cravings and being able to work through them is going to be key in reducing, and eventually eliminating cravings all together. Food does not have to run your life and what you eat does not determine if you are a good daughter, sister, friend or wife. You no longer need an intimate relationship with food once you realize this, you will gain a sense of freedom and pride in yourself. First, you must face yourself and decide once and for all!


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    Postive Words Taken From Coaching Session


    "I finally feel like I can lose the weight, I can do this" - JM

    "I'm making conscious choices at restaurants and being aware of what I'm eating! I'm also limiting the boredom eating" - AS

    "I feel postive, capable and in control" -AS

    " I Lost 4 pounds already! I think it's because I was able to quit my energy drinks!" - JP

    "I'm no longer craving sugar and my fridge is FILLED with Produce!"- JD

    "If my husband drags in turtle candies again, as he did last weekend, I will let him enjoy the entire box, I can continue to leave his food alone." -CP

     " I thought I was eating healthy, I have learned so much more about what healthy really is" -GH

    “it’s a stress relief knowing I have good food to put in my body” - JP


    "Now I've figured out that in the past, whenever I may have needed a shot of strength/energy, I'd run for a handful of chocolate or something carby.  The past few days I have instead reached for tune or a protein shake and I've gotten the energy back almost immediately- CP

    "The whole family has been eating eggs with sausage and spinach every morning and they don't mind it so I am getting greens in for that meal too! I have been having snacks with a protein or fat with my fruit and that seems to help.  Very low cravings this week.And, I weighed today and I am down 3lbs since Friday!" -JM


    "After being stuck on my weight loss for months, I have actually lost a few pounds by just making a few of your suggested changes.  Who knew adding eggs and nuts to my smoothie breakfast would make such a difference" - Becky

    "I don't remember the last time I binged...or had pizza...and that's my go to!" -L.M


    Life After Working With a Health Coach

    "you were soooo inspiring, that I cleaned my pantry out for the first time in years! I took everything out and reorganized, purged, etc. I put healthy kid things at their height. It took about 5 hours and I was actually sore:) I also made your quinoa pilaf yesterday and we loved it. I am eating more fruits and veggies and started to drink a half of KomBuchca a day. These are all baby steps that are making me feel so much more energy. So you are inspiring me to be better! You are such a good influence on young women. I hope you can continue to inspire young and old to be their best selves." 3/4/13



    This mother wanted to feel less stress, reduce her wine consumption and she wanted to be present for her kids again. We discussed what else she could do to take away the stress of the day, she chose hot yoga but was too overwhelmed to find the schedule and pack a bag. Soon after we met I recieved this text:

    "2 nights. no wine. No anti anxiety. Went to hot yoga both sunday and monday. That totally helps. Now I Just need to head straight for a hot bath when I get home and make NO kitchen wine stops." 2/19/13



    Can't say enough good things about Katie Peyton and Limitless You Health Coaching! Katie is an inspiration and everything you could ask for in a health coach. Highly recommend her!

    - J.P 9/26/12

    When I started working with Katie I had a lot of ups and downs. Nothing seemed to "stick" to truly help me reach my goals I had set for myself. These goals revolved around weight loss, but what I didn't realize at he time was that I was seeking to accept myself and be proud to be me. Working with Katie I learned A LOT about nutrition, books and DVDs that were wildly inspirational, but most importantly about ME. Things I never would have taken the time to reflect on that were most integral to achieving my goals. I learned what was REALLY standing in the way of me losing weight. I'm now more aware. I’m conscious of myself and the choices I make all day long, which affect my health, and in turn, my impact on those around me. I have a plethora of healthy and delicious recipes from which to choose. She is extremely professional while at the same time being a supportive friend. I give her an A+

    Jackie P, Bloomington


    Before starting my program I felt out of control with my eating, and very unbalanced. I wasn’t getting the right nutrients for my body, which led to increased anxiety, low energy, and a host of other small side effects I wasn’t even aware of at the time. My goal was to get in control of my eating and fill my body with the right food before my wedding day. I wanted to feel beautiful on the outside and inside on my big day, and learn how to continue that healthy lifestyle after the wedding too.

     My eating habits definitely were the first thing to change. I stuck to the plan Katie gave me with the understanding that if I ate something different it was ok. There was no guilt in veering from the plan on occasion. This was a new mindset for me to take since I have grown up with the idea that “diets” are strict black and white regimens that I will inevitably fail. I started to enjoy grocery shopping and trying new foods I had never even considered (kale, sweet potatoes, etc).

    My life has changed in many ways since working with Katie! First, I felt beautiful on my wedding day! I felt like I really glowed from the inside out. One of the first physical improvements I saw was increased energy. I no longer had the afternoon slumps, and could make it through an entire day without needing to nap. Next I found my anxiety decreasing about food because I knew exactly what to eat and when. It wasn’t a guessing game anymore. I started to feel clean on the inside instead of bloated and sluggish all the time. In addition I found my skin, hair, and nails were in better condition due to giving my body the right nutrients. The best part of it all is I now feel like I have a “home base” with food to go to when I start to lose sight of my new healthy lifestyle. 

    Lindsey K, Plymouth



    I loved not only the menu ideas (and recipes) but the grocery lists as well. It definitely helped in taking a lot of the guess work out of what I should eat! The biggest thing I LOVED about the cleanse was that Katie made herself available 24/7. She provided endless support and encouragement so that you could have the confidence you needed to make good choice when it came to food. It was very realistic! It was like doing the cleanse with a best girlfriend.

    My life has improved since completing the cleanse because I am definitely more aware of what I am putting into my body. My goal was to develop better eating habits and I think all of Katie’s information and support helps you obtain that goal. Even though the cleanse has been over for two weeks now, I find myself still sticking to a lot of the days’ food, and adding back other items in moderation. I do not find myself eating from a bag of chips while I decide what I really want to eat!!!!

    Lisa K, Eden Prairie 


    I found Katie through an article about her Busy Momma Boot Camp in the Southwest Metro Magazine. I knew I needed help around meal planning and organization because we had just moved to our new home and I had 3 little ones, plus one on the way. Katie came to my home and taught me how easy it was to prep meals for the week and how much space I actually had in my cabinets after she reorganized them.

    She personalized the program just for me with custom grocery lists for my family’s favorite meals and help organizing the most chaotic places in my home. My kid’s craft room, my office and our storage room finally have floor space, everything has a home and I can find everything I need. Katie helped me streamline my home organization and gave me confidence to run my home and nourish my family as a busy mom. Sarah K, Eden Prairie



    Before working with Katie I needed support for finding new, healthy recipes particularly those created with vegetable and fruits. I received lots of nutritional information with the recipes, which motivated me to never return to the old, out dated way of eating. I accomplish so many more things every day because I feel so much better. Katie’s nutritional information and sincere interest in my health was perfect for me!

    Carolyn P, Woodbury


    I had been considering change, but I didn’t know where to begin. I was too overwhelmed and I wanted to take the easy way out.  “Old habits die hard.”  I have a busy family and lifestyle and it was easier for me to focus on my family rather than me.  High blood pressure and diabetes run in my family and I have my age working against me, as well.  I’m ready to challenge myself to a healthier lifestyle by overcoming my barriers.    

    With Katie’s help, I adopted one to two healthy habits per week.  By adopting these healthy habits it required baby steps on my part that weren’t too overwhelming.  Katie’s tips and ideas helped me achieve my goals and remain loyal to them. I had more energy and I was more aware of what I was serving to my family and me by learning how to read labels. 

    New, healthy habits have helped protect me from diabetes and high blood pressure, which run in my family history.  I feel more energized, I'm cooking more new, delicious recipes. I am able to maintain a healthy weight and I am able to stay motivated.  I have a better understanding of how important physical activity is for your body, mind and spirit Thank you so much for your encouragement, affirmations and the skills that I will need as I continue my journey living a healthier lifestyle.  I'm excited!!! Marie G, Eden Prairie 


     "I'm just thrilled that I am at the point where I can go to the lake and not gain 4 lbs over the weekend like I would have in the past!"  - Jenny M, Waconia

     It is so wonderful to feel like I am now in control of my weight and I'm not seeing the huge swings anymore.  I've been able to maintain my loss even with going up to the cabin and that is something that has NEVER happened before!  So exciting!!!  

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