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Amanda Meisner is an Intuitive Energy Healer that works with White Light Energy, Angels, Spirit Guides, and your Higher Self to support transformation on your Highest Path and to find your Soul Purpose. Shed what no longer serves you, Awaken and Remember, Find Your Highest Purpose, Transform into what you Truly are, lift your vibrational Energy and the Energy of the Planet. She provides several services to include:1 on 1: Intuitive Guidance Session: Chakra Cleansing / Alignment / DNA Reactivation/Channeled Guidance - ( 90 mins) This organic, intuitively guided session can take place in your living space or mutual space that is agreed upon. Amanda will chat with you to connect with your Higher Self and listen to your current life situation. You will need to lay down comfortably on your back so Amanda can work with Spirit to move the Energy around and through your body. This process will Heal, Transform, and Raise your vibrational energy. Amanda will channel information from Spirit, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Beings of the light to understand the Magnificence of YOU. This guidance helps you to understand and love yourself unconditionally. You will also be given tools to maintain this higher, cleansed, transformative, vibrational Energy that is YOU! This session is excellent for people who are concerned or frightened about a health issue that may compromise their body or life. Group Channeled Meditation - (Time depends on Event)Group channeled meditation involves harnessing White Light Energy to expand and raise the vibrational energy within the group, use our bodies as vehicles to transmit this Source energy down into the core of Mother Earth and back out again. Amanda will walk your group through a channeled meditation with Spiritual support from your Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, loved ones, and any Spiritual support from the White light. These meditations begin with deep breathing and using a guided meditation technique to open and incorporate White light Energy and open the Hearts of the Group, connecting into each other and Source Energy.In Time of Need Intuitive Guidance - (As long as it takes)Amanda has a profound ability to bring Peace and tranquility to those close to passing to the other side. She understands that this process of transition is often confusing and painful for the person experiencing this process as well as close family and friends. Amanda's brush with death during and after her car accident has allowed for a clear connection to the other side, and she brings an offering of Peace and understanding allowing the patient and others to step into the Divine love of Source Energy. Harnessing White Light energy, she will guide the patient through an energy cleansing/healing process. Amanda will listen to channeled guidance and walk the person through a beautiful guided meditation inviting loved ones, Angels, Spirit Guides, Jesus, Holy Mother, and all Spiritual support to join in this Loving and Healing session. Patients and loved ones touch the light of Source (God) energy to feel the Connection to All That Is. Close family and friends at some point during the session may join in the Circle of light to connect into the Source energy and understand that their loved one will always be with them. Transition is also transformation so understanding this process can often ease the pain and sense the Light.

Session Rates:Individual Sessions90 minute - $160.00Group Sessions (for parties, events, etc.):3-5 guests is $180 an hour, with an hour minimum   6-10 guests is $250 an hour, with an hour minimum  11-20 guests is $300 an hour, with an hour minimumMonthly Group sessions in Encinitas and Poway (Email for more information) -Click on this link to my Events page to learn more. $20/personAlthough everyone's experience may be different, all attendees will receive the same Channeled Meditation guidance and or Energy Healing.

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  • 1 on 1: Intuitive Guidance Session
  • Chakra Cleansing / Alignment
  • Channeled Meditation
  • DNA Activation
  • Energy Work
  • Group Meditation
  • Intuitive Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance


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  • "As a Medium, it is not often I find someone who is able to connect with my guides and administer the type of energy healing that is powerful enough for me.  When Amanda connects, tunes in, and channels the Divine White Light, amazing things begin to happen.  I've had a couple of DNA Reactivation sessions with Amanda and it was just what I needed to kick start (more like catapult) me into the next step on my journey.  Amanda is one of the most loving, gentle, kind, and powerful conductors of the Universal White Light Energy!"  - Lynn, The Spirits Connect 

  • "My session with Amanda was spiritually healing and transformative.  She is kind, understanding and patient as she listens and then goes to work with you.She really takes the time to learn and intuit what you need and then executes this beautifully.  Her integrity shines through as she is all about the clients needs and not about watching the clock or the money.  Her communication was excellent, as she arrived on time and was not in a hurry.  This is essential to the client not feeling rushed, not to mention so much more relaxing!After our first session I felt a deep sense of bliss, followed by a great wave of energy. I also felt uplifted and empowered.  I highly recommend working with Amanda.  In gratitude." - Kelleigh, Encinitas

  • "You are such an extraordinary individual. You changed my life, Amanda. During my darkest hour, you were there for me. You lifted me up, gave me hope, and helped me to believe that I would find Love. So I believed it, we manifested it, and now I'm so happy with Keane that I could cry just thinking of his smile. Everything you do causes a tidal wave somewhere (others are lucky for ripples.) But you, magnificent you, will do anything you want. I believe in your Power, and I belive in your ability to use that power to do amazing things. Thank you for the hugs, thank you for your smiles, thank you for being YOU! To know you is to love you, Amanda."  - Vanessa, San Diego

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