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I have been practicing Traditional Reiki for over 43 years and Telepathy (aka Animal Communications) for 47 years.

I began using Traditional Reiki in 1975 when I was taught by Mrs. Takata, who brought Traditional Reiki from Japan to the U.S. in the 30’s. I learned to use it on myself, friends, family, and animals.. I have used Reiki regularly ever since and became a Reiki Master in 1995.

After many years of requests to teach others the techniques I learned, I began teaching Traditional Reiki.. I realized teaching these classes were my greatest gift for animals and fellow human beings. I am also offering re-teaching of Reiki for those who have not learned Traditional Reiki so people may deepen their understanding and connection to Reiki.

The Traditional Reiki Workshops will teach (or re-teach) you to heal with the power of Traditional Reiki on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You will tap into the Universal Life Force energy and become a conduit for healing yourself, others, and animals.

I am a Traditional Reiki Master and I am also available for Traditional Reiki Healing in person or distantly. I have done distant Reiki in Australia, Africa, Netherlands, England, British Isles, and in Peru.

I have been doing Animal Communications for all animals that are living or those animals that have passed on.. I can help you to understand your Pet's needs, I can find out what is happening in their bodies as I am also a Medical Intuitive.

Let me help you to feel more alive and happier in your daily life!

“I am a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps, have served two tours in Iraq, and have been a recipient of energy work for three years. Until Diana Lynn’s Traditional Reiki I course I was dependent on other light workers to help me through my physical and emotional challenges. Energy work has changed my life in ways, many of which I will never be able to place in words, most notably my physical challenges. Through the many years of rough physical activity I was left with the inability to run which was one of my favorite past times. After receiving the Traditional Reiki I attunements I have had zero arthritis pain and within three weeks have built up to running four miles. Going through Diana Lynn’s Traditional Reiki I course has given me an extreme sense of empowerment, that I too have the ability to heal myself and others through the miracle of the universal life force energy that is around us 24/7. I have been drawn to Reiki for a long time and have researched other establishments, but Diana Lynn is one of the VERY few Reiki Masters who have been traditionally trained by one of the original Japanese Reiki practitioners. I would highly recommend her classes to others and I am looking forward to taking Reiki II with her.”

Diana Lynn,
I am hoping you will post my letter. I want people to know that they have come to the site of a healer who will change their life, and enhance their perceptions of healing.
I have had several experiences of healing at your hands, but none was more amazing than the most recent emergency healing you gave to my old dog, Katie. You brought her from a state of deranged pain and suffering at the edge of death (due to poisoning), to a growing peace and strength, and a will to live. Your coaching after that first day of healing (including a diet plan and how I could use the Traditional Reiki 1 you taught me last year) enabled Katie and me to continue the healing process appropriately. Katie is now back to enjoying all the things a beagle should enjoy, including puppy-like dashes in the yard–only 2 weeks later. Although I am a believer, it still amazes me you are able to bring such powerful, palpable healing into my home from many miles away. Katie and I thank you every day for the healing you brought to the household. I highly recommend you to all who chance upon your website or facility. To them I say: Diana Lynn can help you. Erase your doubts, and embrace the part of you that brought you to Pathways to Understanding. Love brought you here. Follow through!
Martha Malkasian

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  • "Diana Siderides has been an educational presenter for the Idaho Humane Society for several years. Her presentations about birds of prey are always factual, interesting and well prepared. Ms. Siderides knowledge of these beautiful birds and her caring and compassion for them, help children and adults understand the reasons that we all need to be better care takers for the creatures of this earth." Dee Fugit

  • Freedom to Choose . . . Empower Yourself!

    Would you like to rid yourself of negative thinking and old programming and stories? If you’d like to feel more centered and balanced, Diana Lynn Siderides can help you . . . help yourself. For many years, she has been teaching people ways to achieve personal empowerment. She will speak to any group on how it’s possible, do 5 minutes of Traditional Reiki on each person and do one Animal Communication for one lucky pet & parent.

    Diana has made a huge difference in my life. I was really struggling with negative energy and old baggage. She has helped me empower myself . . . it’s been and will continue to be a great journey. I tell Diana…I’m a living, breathing testimonial. Wanda

    Diana Lynn is looking for groups in Ada, Canyon, Gem, Treasure Valley and elsewhere to come and show you the miracles of Traditional Reiki and Creative Energies in your lives ~

    Go in a good way. Diana Lynn Siderides

  • Mystical Communication:

    I found myself seated in a half circle with 9 other people waiting for the workshop to begin. Usually before any kind of class or workshop I have an intention of what I would like to take from it. This one was different. A friend had told me about the instructor but I had never really met her, we were in Montour, a small bump in the road between Horseshoe Bend and Emmett, and I had no idea what the workshop was about. It was named “Inner Energy” [now “Creative Energies”] and that, along with my friend’s confidence in the instructor, was enough to peak my interest enough to be sitting in the half circle.

    What I learned over the next 3 days literally changed the way I see myself and the world as it exists around me. Looking back at the workshop it would be safe to say that it is a mystical communications course. It takes the concept and experience of intuition to a whole new level. Like many I have had intuitive feelings about certain places, events, and people but I had never really understood how it happened and why it happened at times and other times it did not. Diana, our instructor, carefully showed us that intuition is merely a non-verbal communication between you and the “non-physical”; whether you call it God, Source, Spirit, Guides, Assistants, Angels, or whatever. The part that gets fascinating about non-verbal communication is that once you understand it you can communicate with all “entities” that are non-verbal. Let me say it again, you can communicate back and fourth with non-verbal beings; small children, animals, spirit guides / assistants… The idea of this even being possible was not new to me. We have always known that animals communicate back and fourth non-verbally and it has been documented that siblings that are very close can do so as well. I had heard that some indigenous tribes also practice the art of telepathy. I had never heard of “cross communication” between humans and animals for instance. In the Inner Energy class you don’t hear about them much either…you experience them! To hear about these things is one thing, to experience them is another!

    We did some pretty fascinating things in our small group setting but the real power came when I was able to do this in my everyday life. Diana is a master at showing one how to come in alignment with another on an energetic level and thus being in resonance with them opening up the channels of communication.

    It was a good thing that I didn’t have any intentions or preconceived notions for the class before it started, because anything that I would have come up with would have been blown out of the water. Inner Energy was such a rich and eye opening experience I would recommend it for everyone, especially people with small children and animal lovers. I have neither pets nor kids [Luke now has a son] and my life has still been greatly enriched by the experience.

    Luke Rathke
    November, 2006

  • Pat’s Story
    I am not very good at writing so I will make this short. I was having some very serious medical problems when Shorty (a kitten) came into my life. He kept me going. I was in the house and Shorty was outside playing with my other cat. I looked out the window and Shorty was laying on the walkway with my other cat looking at him. Then he moved and I knew something was very wrong.
    Both back legs were broken. I surmised that he had fallen out of one of our trees.
    I rushed him to the Vet and he confirmed my thoughts. He kept Shorty overnight to do a closer check and found he had serious injuries to his bowel system. When I got home I called Diana (she is my friend and neighbor) and told her what had happened. Bless her heart, she did an Animal Communication and found out through Shorty that he had fallen off the shed roof onto the concrete. I was skeptical but went out to check and sure enough there was a bloodspot where he landed. He had jumped up on a freezer and then the roof. Diana told me that she “saw” no trees but a roof making me a believer in her Animal Communications.
    She “talked” to Shorty to help him through the night at the noisy Vet’s office stay and the Vet said, “He could fix him, but he would have a miserable life”. Diana told me this before the Vet did and that it had come from Shorty. I did as they both suggested and I had him put to sleep.
    It has been almost a year now and I still shed a tear for my spirit, Shorty, but with Reiki (I learned from Diana) and Diana’s support and my husband, Ron, I have made it through.
    ~ BELIEVE, Pat / Montour, ID
    (Below is the Communication Diana gave to Pat after Shorty was put to sleep…)

    Shorty, talk to Pat:
    Oh Mom, the reasons for us getting together was so that I could show you how great it was to live life every day to its fullest. Everything I did was All the Way, never a little bit at a time. I wanted you to realize how much fun it is to be a-l-i-v-e! That is why I came to you, or MAYBE it was why YOU came to ME! You used to get so much joy out of watching me do my antics, doing my style of everything and anything. That is why we were together.
    Now I must admit, I took grate advantage of you and I loved every minute of it. YOU want to know why I bit you so much? I wanted you to wake up and take your power back and get happy and to start motivating yourself to get well.
    Well I must thank you now, for the love and wonderful times I had with you and Ron. I had so much fun and I didn’t waste anytime at all on anything mundane. I went for it even when I was sleeping. In my sleep I could chase everything down with no problems and guess what? – I can do that now as well.
    Diana showed me how to stay in the non-physical last night, so I didn’t have to endure that pain. AND when you Reikiied me Mom, I could feel your energy as well and I had the best of the best in that very strange and noisy place last night.
    Mom, find your way back to yourself, believe in yourself and allow you to heal yourself. You got yourself out of the way to reach out and help me with the Reiki! NOW I want you to believe in YOURSELF and Reiki everyday, so that you can be that person who I could see everyday behind the shadows.
    I love you so much and I am so glad that you let me go, because NOW, I will be with you everyday inside your heart, Mom. And when you start to connect with the Reiki, watch out, because I will pick another cat’s body that is healthy and I will be back in YOUR LIFE with a healthy vengeance!
    Believe in yourself, that is WHAT I want you to get, more than anything else Mom. Take baby steps and you will have the total health that you used to have. Everything is possible, but you must believe.
    All my love to you from your big beautiful boy, ~Shorty

  • Phenomenal Power & Energy
    My friend Diana Lynn Siderides teaches Traditional Reiki Workshop’s. Diana was taught by Mrs. Takata, who brought Reiki to the USA in 1975. Diana worked on me and my horse, Jeeter last week. Her power and energy is phenomenal. Before Diana did Reiki on Jeeter, he stood in one place as all the other horses ran, bucked and kicked out in play. He would usually be the leader of my pack of mares, but was obviously in so much pain, he didn’t move in an 80 acre pasture. The energy of Reiki lasts for awhile, so after Diana finished with Jeeter we put him in a small paddock with the idea of restricting his space, allow him to stand quietly and give his body the time it needed to re-cooperate from 3 months of pain. For the last week, every time I checked on him, he has been bounding and bouncing in place, kicking out in playfulness. I don’t know how to contain his excitement at feeling better. (Do they make straight jackets for horses?)
    She can communicate with any animal, which is mind blowing to say the least. I was amazed by the insight she had with Jeeter. I’m not going to share my individual experience with all of you, except to say I am wonderfully enlightened and I want to share her talent with everyone!
    If you want more information, please contact her via email: or her phone number 208 584-9034.
    Jil Franzen
    [I worked on a Quarter Horse gelding in Rifle, CO 2 years ago and he was dead lame, the Veterinarian couldn’t figure out the problem and had no idea how to deal with the issue at hand. I put my red hot hands (before touching him) on his shoulder and for 2 hrs, standing next to this gelding in freezing cold temperatures as he received Reiki and Inner Energy (now Creative Energies’) work. Both of the owners came over at different times and wanted to know what I was doing, so I invited them over, took their hands (w/permission), putting their hand on the shoulder and then putting my hand on top of theirs, so that they could FEEL this horse's pain! The results were phenomenal for both of the owners and the wife, took Traditional Reiki I. The husband was blown away by feeling the gelding’s unfathomable pain. . .]

  • Traditional Reiki I
    I recently had the pleasure of being invited to join a two day class and get attuned to the first level of Reiki. Studying spiritualism for the last seven years, it had come to my attention that I needed to experience exactly what people meant when they were talking about feeling and seeing energy. I have had very brief moments of each and wanted to escalate those encounters, but had no idea how. A couple of friends of mine are into Reiki and after listening to them describe it and having experienced the healing properties of Reiki in a session with them, I decided that this was just what I was looking for.
    Searching into Reiki on the internet, I signed in for an online course. Following the course step by step, at its conclusion, got absolutely nothing out of it. It was a complete waste of time and money. I still felt that Reiki was the way to go for me, so when I heard a few other friends were gathering a class together for a live Reiki training I immediately jumped in.
    The instructor, Diana Siderides, is a Master in traditional Reiki and studied under one of the only three Grand Masters of Reiki that there are, and has practiced this form of energetic healing for about thirty-one years. For me, those two facts alone, told me she was the instructor I was looking for. I definitely did not want some watered down version, interpreted version, or someone’s hybrid version. Whenever I want to know or learn something, I always go to, or get as close as possible to, the source, where the lesson is in its truest and most pure, original form. Also, the fact that Diana has been practicing with traditional Reiki for over thirty-one years, tells me she has an extensive working knowledge and practical experience with it. In my book, there is absolutely nothing more powerful than personal experience!
    As a person, I love Diana’s sense of humor. Although she keeps it well hidden, when it finally seeps through, it shows the inner joy of a life filled with richness and the peace of finding and fulfilling a noble purpose. What Ms. Siderides can not hide is, her genuine love of nature’s aesthetic beauty, her deep felt compassion for all life, animal, plant, and mineral, as well as human, and her veracious concern to aide and help guide all to a more serene and tranquil coexistence.
    Diana, the instructor, has a direct, no-nonsense, and to the point style of teaching, that can be likened to a breath of fresh clean air. You may not be use to it and have to gulp it in at first, but in time your body realizes this is the way it should be and was meant to be, and you begin to appreciate the crisp clearness of it, making you want to absorb as much as possible. Her two day trainings have no time for “fillers” as they are literally packed with a perfect mix of teachings, hands on experience, and spiritualistic connections. And of course, she has an enormously vast array of personally acquired examples (stories) of her life working with Reiki, to astound and open exciting new pathways of unlimited possibilities for her students.
    My personal encounter with Diana’s Level I Reiki training, unlocked a multitude of emotions and energies within me. Under Diana’s guidance, I learned how to connect to the healing energy known as Reiki, (which loosely translates from Japanese to “universal life force that animates all living things”), and channel it through myself, virtually becoming a receiving antennae and conduit, into the energy field and body of a fellow being. When introduced into ones body, Reiki removes blockages in a person’s energy flow and resets their system to its original state of perfect health and harmony. While still considering my self to be a novice and my almost daily practices of Reiki being done mainly on myself, I have experienced amazing sessions with this force. I literally and physically feel this healing energy enter into my body and flow through my hands into the subject. When the subject is myself, I feel Reiki re-entering my body through my hands where I can relax and leave it to clear and heal the most pertinent issues of my body, or if I let my ego get involved, I can direct it to any part of my body I choose. The calmness and peace of mind, not to mention the excitement of every cell in my body jubilant from getting a recharge after each session, is indescribable. And my cats, one in particular, never misses a session, as they instinctually gravitate towards and love to bask in this natural life force.
    Diana, it is with my sincerest gratitude that I have been connected with the honest and dedicated traditional Reiki missionary that is you. Thank you! Patrick Kevin Feeney Chicago, IL. November 2007

  • Traditional Reiki II
    “WOW!!!! Luckily I’m a writer and I never run into the problem of “there’s nothing more to say”!
    I attended a Traditional Reiki II workshop this weekend near Emmett at the home of my Traditional Reiki Teacher and Traditional Reiki Master – Diana Lynn. It was so incredible, so empowering, and eye opening on so many levels. Just when you think it’s gotten as cool or powerful as it possible could, Spirit opens up another door, we climb another flight of stairs and it keeps spiraling ever upward.

    For those unfamiliar with Reiki – it is a hands-on healing practice in which the practitioner calls in the universal life energy known as Reiki and channels it through to himself, a person, an object, a situation, etc… Begun in the 19th century in Japan (long LONG, but beautiful, story) it first came to the US in the middle of the 20th century, and now has quite a following, with thousands of practitioners.

    There are three levels of Reiki – I, 2, and 3, and each level is a deeper initiation into the spiritual and energetic power of the energy. In First degree, we become connected to the power through attunements in which the teacher connects us with the energy, and learn how to use the flow through hand positions. During Second Degree, we were attuned on a more powerful level, and learned symbols to use in our practice to call in even more energy and to practice distantly – i.e. the person or object we were treating did not have to be in the same physical space as us.
    There’s obviously a lot more about Reiki, but this will suffice as a general introduction. Check out the internet to learn more about the wide world of Reiki, its history and its practices.

    In Second Degree, I found the energy of the house and my hands to be so strong it was almost surreal. Diana Lynn, my teacher whom I have known for over a year now, is so full of healing energy and love and REALNESS that it was wonderful just to be in her presence. She has been practicing Traditional Reiki for over 30 years and her attunement, connection, and understanding of the Traditional Reiki Consciousness is amazing.
    I found during this class that I was open to hearing and seeing more about these aspects. I meet a lot of healers in the work that I do, and often, as is the case with most human beings, I make an impression of them based on a lot of things when I meet and interact with them. From my gut, head, and obviously my own past experiences, and the words that come out of their mouths. With Diana Lynn I realized that I had put her in my life as an amazing Traditional Reiki teacher, but there were things about her life that I couldn’t place in my own understanding of Enlightenment or being awake. What I found this time was that either she opened up or revealed herself more, or I was suddenly open and aware to more, but I know that she is WAY deeper than I realized, and on, what my TOSA friends would call (see last blog message) the level of Ascension Awareness, while I am still operating a lot of the time out of Spiritual Activism.

    At any rate, I now hold her in my heart as a Teacher of all things, someone to look up to, and a spiritual guide. I’m so grateful that I was open to that experience, and open to having my ideas challenged and to letting them go.

    While I can’t go into the symbol details or much more, I will say that allowing myself to go deeper I gave myself such a huge gift, and feel today that my ability as a healer is more rightly aligned with the Universe, and that while I still have life doubts, and all of that, there exists a place and a power I can go to inside myself and all around me, that exists on a higher vibration but is ever available. For instance, when I was with Diana Lynn I felt and saw myself as a successful Traditional Reiki practitioner, and when I pulled into my driveway, I felt that it was a pipe dream, that no one would ever respond to my ad, and that I would always be scrounging for money, blah blah blah. I know that this is a common feeling in this Valley, particularly about the lack and not-enoughness, and that I have the CHOICE as to whether I will buy into it – operate at that level – or choose to operate on another level. I don’t have to do anything.
    That’s my report from this weekend. I offer it to you in hopes that it will spark your own inner and outer explorations!”
    Angela Earle

    Traditional Reiki III
    “It was by chance that Diana Lynn came into my life as a teacher of Traditional Reiki. Prior to our first encounter I had briefly heard the term Reiki and that it had something to do with healing.

    I was recently asked, “What has Traditional Reiki done for you? First, I will say it was important for me to take all three levels of Reiki after experiencing the first class. As a result the following response is in reflection of the time spent as a student and as a practitioner of Traditional Reiki. With each class level grew a deeper understanding and appreciation for what Traditional Reiki stood for, which only paralleled a deeper level of growth, understanding and appreciation of myself.

    In the beginning I was curious and in awe of the entire process. Learning to physically feel the flow of Traditional Reiki energy is a unique and wondrous process. Some thing I had not encountered before. Through the practice of Traditional Reiki one is taught many things, one for example is how to direct one’s attention. In doing so, one begins to understand more specifically the meaning behind the phrases; “to focus” and “to become aware.” So as a student becomes aware of thought and speech patterns, one can begin to understand the relationship of emotions to thought. If the thoughts are negative in nature then the results are a reflection of this. If, however, the thought processes are of the positive nature, then again, results are a reflection of this too. What are you thinking? What are you feeling?

    To take time to observe, “focus,” one’s thought process long enough to discover if one is looking at the glass half empty or half full is most valuable? A lesson that may be taken into everyday life. After observing the thought process then comes a second important tool, “to become aware” of and practice the art of inner stillness. For in observing our thought process allows us to look at our self honestly. In this honesty comes a moment of inner silence which enables the student to connect intimately with themselves and with the healing process. A beginning has been forged to finding inner peace within.

    One of the key elements that initially drew me to Reiki was that of “healing of self first then others.” In working with other individuals as a practitioner, Traditional Reiki taught a new aspect of being of service to others. More importantly though, it taught me a new level of service to “self.” As a woman, mother, wife, friend, it is customary or typical to place others ahead of one’s own needs. To heal myself meant I had an opportunity to reacquaint and reconnect with my body. Which meant I actually sat with my physical self paying attention to my entire being. This was another new experience putting myself first without guilt.

    It is also taught that Traditional Reiki works in bringing balance to an individual not only of the physical level but that too of the emotional and spirit of the individual. Which, to me, means that in order to have some balance in our lives, we bring together our physical well-being, our mental (thought process) well-being, and our Spirit (who we truly are) together. How often in life do we have experiences much less opportunities to discover our self on a deeper level? Trusting and believing in a process that gently shows us a bit of who we are.

    By knowing myself in this new way is also reflected in how I know and observe life and others around me.

    May this help you in finding an answer you are seeking for yourself? Traditional Reiki came at a perfect time in my life as I was in search of self, ready to discover that there is so much more to life. Traditional Reiki is a great tool, and has been a great guide in teaching me to listen and hear myself.”

    Marcy Reynolds

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