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My journey in being a Psychic - Medium for individuals started after arriving in New York . After being encouraged by friend's who came to me for advice and visions of what will happen for them in their current situation and future. I have always been very intuitive and felt people's energy whom I associated with at work and my private life.   I am fortunate enough to come from a line of Psychic's , my grandmothers . My fathers mother was specially known in the community as a Psychic for her abilities. I have been fortunate to have two great people in my life that have helped me enhance my visions and teach me that which they know and understand the meaning of having the gift of past,present and future visions.Various Psychic's have their own way in connecting with people they are reading for. I am able to read for people without any tangible medium in use  such as  Tarot cards, Tea leaves etc. Many people find it difficult that you can see things without having something tangible in front of them such as tarot cards. This is the reason I use the cards as a added response to my reading experience for people.People must understand that you do not need to be in my presents for me to read for you. I have many ways of connecting including by Voice, Spirit and Energy.I like to advise and will never force my own  personal opinion on a given situation. I see myself as a guide that helps people  to decide for themselves what is the best function or action of the given situation or problem. If I feel something very strongly about a particular issue, I will just enhance my expression or warn the person of the circumstances if they do not act or notice what is at hand. Its is always up to the person who has a reading to interpreted what I have said and use it as a guide.I will never say I am all knowing and have all the  answers, for this is arrogant and is impossible. I am on a journey of discovery in life and being human myself. If I can help guide people on the way, it is a added bonus for me and brings great satisfaction and joy when someone say's I have helped them in more ways then I could imagine.We will never know all the answers, if I can give a slight direction towards peace and contentment  in someones life, well I think I have done my best.Peace, love and Abundance for all those that open themselves to what the Universe has to offer.The accuracy of psychic readings cannot be guaranteed due to the subjective nature of some content, free will, choices, actions and even the power of alchemy (thought equals manifestation). Out of respect for the legitimacy of my psychic readings, if you are sincerely unhappy with your session, I will refund your payment.Paul

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  • 12/9/2014 Barbara DomonicNew York, NYPaul is an amazing Divine Angel of Light!!!  I've had 2 sessions with him and each time he's so warm, open and engaging.   I'm a metaphysician and energy healer and I can attest that Paul IS authentic!!!!!  He's a natural.  He uses the tarot cards, but only as a tool.  His natural abilities were present and activated before we sat down for the reading, and he started reading immediately without me any asking any questions.  He brings messages forth in such a loving and compassionate way that is just opens your heart and lists you spirit.  He sees so clearly that I was amazed when I met someone and knew who he was just from Paul's physical and character description of him. And when he spoke about himself it was as if I was listening to Paul all over again.  Paul's gifts are many, and they are rooted in his deep love for humanity and his desire to help people.  Everyone that I've referred to Paul has had the same experience...  they are all very happy with their readings. 12/02/14Pete DNew York, NYThis is my third time to visit Paul in the last two years and every time I am amazed by his clarity and vision of what is happening in my life. As soon as you sit down he starts to talk to you without even looking at the Tarot cards and is so on point.Paul is straight to the point and tells the truth despite if you are not ready to hear it. This will be hard for many people as they do not want to hear the truth, they want excuses. This is why I love Paul that he is so honest and does not give you false hope like other Psychic's I have been to in the past. I feel the review written by " Gastronomique" was one of those people who was not ready to hear what Paul had to say and got angry with him.My first time with Paul also was a bit hard to hear some things but when they happened as he described I completely understood his reasons to give me the news.I am so grateful for it, as it does not keep you stuck in the past.He describes to you what he see's  in such a positive and exciting way that it is hard not to look forward to the new things coming into your life.I feel refreshed and exciting about the new events and my expansions in the future. He is so good at describing to you why you are making the same mistakes again and again and helps you understand and break the cycle. He teaches you how to look at what you want and get it. He is so informative and understands the universe so well.Thank you again for an amazing experience which is heart felt with a real caring nature. Your guidance has really helped change my life for the better.Love and Peace to you Paul  1/23/2014Shanna. SManhattan NYI had heard such amazing reviews of Paul's readings in NYC that I followed him to his new place out in Silver Lake, CA with my mom. We arrived at his well decorated apartment and felt his calm and welcoming energy immediately. As Paul read me, I heard things from him that I'd been wondering about myself. He clarified my future for me and set me straight on certain confusion in my own head. As an added bonus, Paul let me know that a beloved departed family member's soul was with me and had visited the reading a few times. It means so much to me to know that I have a guide on my left side at all times, and that I'm protected by this soul in some ways. I left Paul's reading with a deeper sense of self and a brighter outlook on my future. It was just what I needed in the perfect space, at the right time. I plan on calling Paul soon for a follow up reading. He is amazing.1/13/2014Nick LManhattan, NYHey Paul- I want to thank you for your time and contacting my mom. Your talent is undeniable and your compassion is incredible. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Then you topped it off with amazing generosity.You are truly world- classThanks again 1/11/14NicholasHey Paul- I want to thank you for your time and contacting my mom. Your talent is undeniable and your compassion is incredible. You have no idea how much you've helped me. Then you topped it off with amazing generosity.   You are truly world- class   Thanks again   Regards, 7/31/13Dear Paul san,This is Tomoe :) How are you? Hope you were able to see Kiu san after all! I've been wanting to contact you for a while and say THANK YOU!!!!!! for all your inspiration:)))  I FINALLY started a design comopany w/ my mother in Japan this spring and came back to NY in June! She taught me weaving, plant dying, cooking, life wisdom... so many things!!! I'm truly thankful.During and after the stay in Japan & LA, everything what you said @ Jen Kao was getting real....It's been such an amazing ride!! It was hard to break my rules and tradition at the beginning, but I understood that was par of the process. You also mentioned that you saw mountains..... I thought you were talking about LA... then I realized that was my HOME TOWN in NAGANO!!!Everything made sense... All my clothes were inspired from the mountains I saw while I took a walk.Please take a look at some photos!! sure enough, I got a new job offer from male designer (Alexander Wang) w/ higher salary!! it's been amazing....

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