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We are a family owned and operated jeweler that specializes in creating the most unique engagement rings that you will discover anywhere, all handmade in our facility located in the Los Angeles, CA diamond district.


Our lead bench jeweler is the designer and creator of the Original Flower Ring collections which include the famous Blooming Beauty Rings collection, The Crimson Rose Ring, The Lotus Flower Rings, The Beautiful Petra Ring, and the Blooming Rose engagement ring collections.  Take a look around our page and you will see a few of our flower wedding ring designs, including some showing the custom made matching wedding ring.


We also offer an enormous collection of loose diamonds and precious gemstones including many different colors of Sapphires, Tanzanites, Rubies, and even fancy colored diamonds.  Every customer that purchase their engagement ring setting from our company qualifies to purchase a loose diamond at a discount price.



Our Flower rings run the gamut on unique design. Everything from large diamonds channel set down the band outlined in any metal you would want, to pave encrusted diamonds encircling, intertwining, and looping through complicated patterns from floral to imaginatively complicated engravings and artwork. All showing a blooming flower (rose, and lotus) as it's main feature.

What's great about our flower rings, is it's nearly impossible to come up with a finite way to style them. You can choose to use colored diamonds or gemstones on each petal, or use various different colored metals. You can ask us to redesign any of them to make them more your style, or you could unleash your creativity and ask us to design a whole new ring.

We design and create every one of our own engagement ring settings by hand so we are able to honor special design requests.  We can literally make and type of ring that you want!  If you have seen a design somewhere else but would like to see if we can save you some hard earned cash, don't hesitate to call.  Even though we use all of the finest quality materials and highest quality diamonds, our prices are quite affordable.  Since we are a family run business, we are able to work smarter than those large overpriced "Designer Engagement Rngs" that you may have heard about.  Don't be fooled by their expensive prices because that does not mean that you are getting more for your money. 

You see those fancy Designer Engagement Ring brands spend literally millions of dollars a year on their enormous advertising budgets so that as many people as possible are familiar with their "brand".  Although they certainly succeed in getting the word out to new brides looking for engagement rings, the problem with that strategy is that all of those advertising dollars have to be made back.  That means that they need to recover millions of dollars a year in advertsing and overhead costs from the very people they are marketing to, YOU!

How many engagement rings do you think those "Designer Engagement Ring" companies need to sell every year just to recoup all of that overhead and advertising expense they are spending?  And how much of the cost of your engagement ring is probably NOT GOING TOWARDS THE ACTUAL QUALITY OF THE RING, but rather towards the enormous expenses they incur just to break even.

Famous Designer Engagement Ring Versus High Quality Handmade Engagement Ring

Did you now that many well known Designer Engagement Rings that you see in the huge jewelry store chains are mass produced overseas?  By machines?  Why do you think they do that?  I can assure you that it's not because they are doing a better job than our master jewelers.  Ask yourself one simple question;  Would you rather buy an engagement ring that has been mass produced overseas by a machine?  Or would you rather buy an engagement ring that was created by the hands of a master jeweler working for a family run business located here in the USA?  I know which one that I prefer.

When it comes right down to it, those are the questions you should be asking yourself as you set out to buy the all important engagement ring.  If you would prefer to buy a high quality engagement ring that was handmade by a master jeweler located in the USA and working for a family owned business, then you should immediately proceed to our website.

Or if you would prefer the recognition that comes with owning a famous "name brand" engagement ring even though it may have been mass produced by a machine somewhere out there in the world, then you know where the shopping mall is.

Regardless of what your decision is I would like to ask you one favor.  If you are not completely satisfied with the pricing and the service that you receive while you are out there shopping around, or if you don't see an engagement ring that makes your heart skip a beat because it is EXACTLY THE ONE that you always wanted, then please consider calling us.  You have my promise that our family jewelry company will SPARE NO EFFORT to show you that you made the right decision coming to us!  


Our family run engagement ring design company is able to make any engagement ring that you may desire.  Purchasing a unique setting from us means that your engagement ring will be made by the hands of a master jeweler with over 20 years of experience!


However you must be aware that if you decide to purchase an engagement ring from our company, you will need to agree to not hold us liable for an endless number of people that will want to see your engagement ring and compliment you on it!!  If you truly do not wish to deal with all of the attention & compliments that you are going to receive because of your new engagement ring, then I highly suggest that you purchase a "run of the mill" engagement ring from your local mall jewelry store!


So please purchase at your own risk.



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  • sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm
  • monday 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • tuesday 9:00am - 9:00pm
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  • friday 9:00am - 9:00pm
  • saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm


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  • Actual BloomingBeautyRing.com Customer Testimonial - Recommendation - Copied From The Better Business Bureau


    In early 2013, after several years of engagement ring hunting and thousands of rings reviewed, I returned to an early find of mine - the ('small') Blooming Beauty hand-engraved engagement ring. From the point of first contact to delivery, my experience was first class. Before ordering, I visited the secure facility in the Diamond District of Los Angeles to confirm that an example ring was as beautiful face-to-face as online. That visit took about 2 minutes. Confirmed. I opted to purchase a center diamond with the company's help, and the general manager worked tirelessly with me to find a diamond in my budget and with the characteristics I wanted. Having spent years reviewing diamonds, characteristics and costs from other online companies, I got as competitive a price as could be found elsewhere. Great experience and their patience was unparalleled. They worked with my time constraints, and the ordering and delivery process was seamless. Great experience from beginning to end. However, that wasn't the end. :D I have now returned for the hand-engraved accompanying wedding band, with full confidence that my experience will be just as positive as in 2013, and it has been to date. Their work has been top notch, and the ring receives daily praise from those that notice it, sparkling in all its beauty. I'm not a fan of regrets so I'm glad I made sure the ring, and the company I dealt with, would not become one. This company is MY jeweler from here-on-in. 


    This customer had a POSITIVE experience with this business.

    This customer WOULD recommend the business to a friend, family member, neighbor or colleague.

    If you would like to read additional "BloomingBeautyRing.com Customer Reviews & Testimonials" please visit our page on the Better Business Bureau website located here:  http://www.bbb.org/minnesota/business-reviews/jewelers-retail/blooming-beauty-in-saint-paul-mn-96551481/customer-reviews


    Or if you prefer you can view additional Real Life Customer Reviews & Testimonials for Blooming Beauty Ring on iVouch.com


    Here is one of the customer reviews for our engagement ring company from iVouch.com


    They Will Bend Over Backwards To Help You!

    Reviewed Apr 6, 2014 

    After having a few conversations with Jeremie over the phone, all of my nervous jitters about buying my engagement ring online, went away. He thoroughly answered every single one of my questions and he will answer yours too. He is extremely knowledgable and he never tried to "push" me in to a sale. If you have any reservations about buying an engagement ring online, or just from BloomingBeautyRing.com, you owe it to yourself to give this company a call first. You will be glad that you did. Keep reading below to find a copy of my review that I posted on Yelp. If you go to their page, you will find a copy of my review by clicking a very obscure grey link towards the bottom that says "not recommended", which is really a disservice to BloomingBeautyRing.com and any future customers of theirs. I even included my picture so that everyone would know my review of this company is 100% REAL. "This is my first Yelp review ever, I don't have time for these things but this review is worth taking the time. Where do I start? for most guys buying the perfect diamond and engagement ring is something like mission impossible. This would be my second wedding, I did research 10 years ago on everything and thought I knew enough to be dangerous. I had someone in the past who I dealt with and trust, he had the best prices I ever found on bands and diamonds. My biggest fear back then was to be "scammed". I wanted the best stone and setting I could afford, period. I started talking to Jeremy this time around and then the relationship and trust stared to grow. Talking to Jeremy I realized that first they had the nicest engagement and wedding bands you could get anywhere. And then we started talking about diamonds, for hours at a time over three weeks. I can say I learned much more of the mathematics, cut and symmetry as well as more specifics regarding the major diamond grading companies with him, way above the simple 4 C's. I never felt pressured and he was very supported in getting what I wanted. He had endless suggestions/options of what I could get with more and less money. He was never pushy on spending more money and most times recommended on how I could spend less. Comparing to other companies I considered in the past as well as the "best priced" jewler I purchased from located in the California diamond district, Jeremy was always a minimum $2k below. It's funny how most jewelers I spoke to were offering the same diamonds, coming from the same brokers so the comparison was apples to apples. I will let Jeremy explain how that happens. I live in NYC and also did my homework here where the diamond district is known worldwide. My first time buying a diamond engagement ring I lived in Miami and also did my research in the Miami diamond district. Jeremy even schedule two separate meetings for me to meet with brokers in the NYC diamond district where they don't sell or deal with common folks like myself. I believe I have my bases covered at this point regarding the three main diamond districts in this country. Another thing about Jeremy is that he doesn't focus on how much your budget is, he helps customers of all budgets. I am an executive for a major Fortune 20 company and he would tell me about others he has helped. One such story I loved was a member in the armed forces deployed overseas where he didn't have much money and Jeremy got him a VERY nice diamond that exceeded his expectations. Now the setting with my diamond, it's freaking AMAZING!!! It's a work of art and to those who I have showed so far they say its the best diamond and setting they have ever seen. Greg is a true artist he creates things that truly would make any "bride to be" happy. The hardest thing? picking a setting that Greg makes, since they are all amazing. I picked the Extremely Unique 2.08 ctw. Large Hand Engraved Blooming Beauty Wedding Ring Set. It was hard to pick from others but it's the perfect one for my girl. They were able to ship on time despite of me taking several weeks to get the diamond but that's just because there were so many choices and I was on a budget, trying to get the deal... Folks, Jeremy and Greg will bend over backwards for you, they are the real thing and very professional. You will not be able to avoid developing a relationship with them and they will take care of you hands down. I am glad and fortunate enough to have found Jeremy and I give him many endless thanks for being who he is, a person with a passion for helping people navigate through an industry and process that is very difficult to know what you are really getting." Jose Espinoza - NY

    Another BloomingBeautyRing.com Customer Recommendation Copied from WeddingWire.com

    • Quality of Service: 5.0

    • Responsiveness: 5.0

    • Professionalism: 5.0

    • Value: 5.0

    • Flexibility: 5.0

    My engagement ring came from here, and I was speechless when I saw it for the first time. My fiance says Jeremie was super helpful, polite and so knowledgeable about the whole process and finding the perfect center stone. He even helped my fiance combine two different ring designs to make the perfect ring for me. Highly recommended.

    • Wedding: 06/20/2015


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