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Your FREE 15 minute consultation will help us create a plan for better sleep for you and your child, I got certified and started Sleep Training Solutions to help moms like me (and their children) get more sleep.

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I’m Kandra Becerra, certified pediatric sleep consultant in the Denver area, and the proud owner of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. My most important title, however, is “Mom.” My son Owen was a TERRIBLE sleeper from day 1. He would literally go HOURS without sleeping no matter what I did! Not only was he waking up all hours of the night but the process of actually getting him to sleep was ridiculous.

Are you nodding? Sound very familiar?

After our experience with our son’s sleep issues, I got certified and started Sleep Training Solutions to help moms like me (and their babies!) get more sleep.

I’m like a sleep detective. I look at the whole picture – not just what’s happening in the bedroom. A huge variety of factors contribute to poor sleep – routine, schedule, diet, overstimulation, clothing, bedroom environment, developmental milestones – and I will crack the code and figure out what is preventing your little one from sleeping all night and FIX the problem.

I work one-on-one with my sleepy clients to get to the bottom of what’s keeping their child awake at night and get on top of a schedule that works for EVERYONE.

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  • 3 - 15 Months
  • Multiples
  • Newborn
  • Toddlers


  • 3 Year Old Sleep Training Success Story

    Our almost 3 year old has never been a “great” sleeper. We tried sleep training at various times over the last 2+ years, slightly different strategies depending on the book I was reading at the time. Some strategies didn’t feel right so we didn’t follow through, some would work for a while until the next time he got sick, and then we were back to square one. We moved a year ago into our current home and since then, bedtime had progressively become longer and longer and later and later. By the time we connected with Kandra, our bedtime routine was taking up to 3 hours, our son wasn’t even falling asleep until almost 11 pm, and he was waking multiple times through the night. We were all exhausted, including the dog! Kandra’s sleep plan for us and the support and guidance that she offered, was exactly what we needed. She developed a plan that really met us and our son at the place that we were instead of trying to jump 10 steps ahead in one night. We gave our son the comfort of knowing that we were right there with him, but the room and structure to build the skills to fall asleep on his own. We are only 3 weeks out from our very first phone call with Kandra, and so much has changed. Our son is going to bed early, sleeping through the night, no longer sleep walking during naps, and he is even eating and listening to us better than before! We are sleeping, we have evenings to get things done around the house or relax, and we have the energy to exercise again! We are so grateful to Kandra for her guidance and support, and we are confident that this current plan will withstand the next cold, daylight savings time, or any other bumps that have thrown us off course in the past.


  • Cosleeping Unsuccessfully at 18 Months

    I never intended to cosleep, but when it proved that my baby was not a natural sleeper and woke every 2-3 hours far beyond the newborn phase, it just seemed like an easier alternative than walking across the hall a thousand times per night. By 18 months, though, I was pretty fed up. I was working during the day and was always exhausted, and my toddler still woke several times per night. During the day, his nap schedule was all over the map—sometimes he would fall asleep a couple hours after waking, and other times he would fight a nap all day until right before bedtime! I was at my wit’s end, and that’s when Kandra Becerra came in!

    When I began working with Kandra, I was vehemently against any sleep-training method that involved my son crying, so even though I read several “gentle parenting” books, I would give up any time it seemed like he was even a bit uncomfortable. My baby is a gentle, happy, snuggling little man, and I worried that a bout of traumatic sleep-training would change his personality. Before our initial consultation, Kandra had us fill out a questionnaire to help her understand our son and his unique sleeping habits and props. For 18 months, my son needed me (and only me; my husband would be met with extreme displeasure) lying beside him (nursing for 16 months, snuggling the full 18) to fall asleep, and he needed to be playing with my hair. He also demanded bottles even though we had been struggling to wean him from them. Kandra helped us to understand that this habit was unsustainable and unhealthy—we weren’t letting him learn any self-soothing techniques because I always stepped in to soothe him until he had fallen asleep.

    Kandra quickly presented us with a tailored sleeping plan for Carter that addressed his individual needs. It allowed for us to stay in HIS OWN ROOM with him and touch him when he needed it, which put all of us at ease. We continued using a “key catchphrase” that reminded him that we were there and that it was time to sleep. For the first time in his life, he was sleeping in his crib, and it was so much more painless than I could have imagined. It wasn’t always a piece of cake—there were times that we had to wear noise-cancelling headphones while we assured him that we were there and loved him and that it was time to sleep. Other nights, he would fall asleep within minutes, without a peep. Last night marked two weeks of this process, and our darling baby boy went to sleep at 8pm without a peep and woke up at 8am as happy as he has ever been. (This morning he woke up babbling “mama, mama, mama” cheerfully until I came to get him.)

    For the first time in 18 months, my husband and I are sharing a room alone again. I am over the moon to be sleeping again, and we are all happier and healthier because of it. We all feel that Kandra’s expertise has been such an incredible gift to our family and I don’t know where we would be without her. I recommend Kandra and her tailored programs to anyone who needs to improve their lives and teach their child an important life lesson: how to sleep!

    -K Collins, May 2017

  • Meredith Berger Levin reviewed Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby, LLC —
    5 star
    May 22 ·

    Kandra helped us get from a 3 hour bedtime routine filled with tears to a 30 minute routine with no tears. The whole family is sleeping better! Thank you for your wonderful guidance and support!

  • Sleep Training Program Rescues Wife

    We have our lives back—thank you, Kandra and Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby!

    Before working with Kandra, our baby, Carter, had taken my place in the bedroom. My wife was the only one who could get him to sleep, so she was basically a captive in our home from 7pm to 7am. He woke several times every night. My wife hadn’t had a full night of sleep for 18 months. Our routine involved her waking me up around 6am so that she could get a couple hours of sleep. This meant that I was forced to spend the first two hours of my day when I wanted to be working taking care of my toddler alone instead; and usually after those two hours I was exhausted.

    Now Carter is just as happy to have me put him to sleep in his crib. He’s on a healthy, consistent napping and sleeping routine. He sleeps through the night, and he looks forward to our nightly rituals. He has also become less clingy to his mom during the day. We had avoided sleep training because we were afraid that he would be traumatized and his personality would change. Having Kandra’s daily guidance and support to get through the program gave us the understanding and perspective to see that this would be an improvement not just for us but for Carter as well. He is now happier than ever.

    -J. Collins, May 2017

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